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Press Conference: Washington Redskins coach Jay Gruden


redskins_scriptrWashington Redskins coach Jay Gruden talks with reporters on Tuesday. Washington (1-2) plays the New York Giants (1-2) on Thursday.


On if the team could be 3-0 without a couple of mistakes:

“Yeah you could say that about offense and defense also along [with] special teams. This really is coach-speak but it’s a team game and offense like I said, had their share in the Houston game and our share of problems in Philadelphia. Same with the defense and same with special teams. There’s a lot we can correct, but like I said before, there’s a lot of good things that we’re doing based on the numbers. Statistics I’ve learned a long time ago don’t mean squat unless you’re winning. I’d rather be last in everything and 3-0 than first or second, so we have got some work to do but obviously we can see progression and that’s good.”


On facing the New York Giants and playing on Thursday night:

“Anytime you play against Eli [Manning], you’re going to have yourself a battle. Victor Cruz, they got a very good offense there. They’re introducing a new offensive scheme and usually that takes a little bit of time and you can see that they’re progressing at a pretty good clip right now. They started out a little bit slow in the preseason and now they’re starting to get familiar with the terminology, the hand signals and all that and they’re starting to gain confidence and momentum, which isn’t a good sign for the other teams. Playing Thursday night, I made that statement yesterday, it’s rough on everybody but the good news for the players is [that]  they get Monday off, they get Tuesday, we walk through Wednesday, they walk through and they play Thursday so their body should be somewhat regrouped by then, you know what I mean?”


On having the spotlight of a Thursday game at home:

“Yeah, that’s exciting. It’s a home game and we make a big deal about our home games and it’s a division game, and we’re both 1-2 so it’s a huge game for both of us. I know Coach [Tom] Coughlin is going to have his team ready. We’re going to have our team ready, but this a very important game.  You fall too far behind the 8-ball this early in the season, it’s going to be tough sledding and we’re already behind the 8-ball at 1-2. The team that goes to 1-3 is not out of it by any stretch but it’s going to be a lot harder than if you’re 2-2. So we know the importance of this game – all division games are important, they’re all rivalries – and we’ve got to get after it.”


On the injury report:

“[Shawn] Lauvao is the only one that downgraded. Everybody else stayed the same. He did not participate today. He had some swelling, a little bit more swelling today, so we’ll get a check on him tomorrow, see if it goes down and we’ll declare him tomorrow afternoon.”


On if cornerback Tracy Porter could play Thursday:

“Yeah, could be. You know, he’s done a lot of running that last couple of days and now it’s just a matter of how he feels the next day and only he can tell us. I’m sure he’ll be honest about it. I know he’s champing at the bit to get back on the field but we probably rushed him last time and he re-pulled it, so we just have got to be really careful with him and he’s got to be honest with us and if he’s ready we’ll get him out there. We need him.”


On quarterback Kirk Cousins facing a short week:

“A short week is more mental preparation than anything and it would be nice to go outside and throw the passes you’re going to throw in the game or work on the patterns and the pass concepts you’re going to see against the defenses you’re thinking you’re going to see, but we’re in the bubble right now and going through walkthrough so it’s a little bit different tempo I’d say than come Thursday night. But he’s doing a good job and that’s all we can do – just watch the tape, study the game plan and get yourself mentally prepared and come [Thursday] night hopefully it all clicks for you but he’s done a nice job.”


On his first short week as a head coach:

“It’s hectic, you know? We prepped for the Giants in the offseason because we knew this was coming and the defense did their work – obliviously worked on Green Bay’s offense and we did our work based on what the Giants did last year and Coach [Perry] Fewell and Coach Coughlin. So, we have got a little bit of history with them obviously, so that’s good. At least it’s not a brand new opponent with a brand new scheme we haven’t seen – at least we’ve seen these guys. They’ve seen them twice – Sean McVay has been here, Chris Foerster – so we’ve got a pretty good general idea about their system. Now it’s a matter of getting plays installed Monday morning and getting players out there and practicing them… That’s the same thing. We’re going through the same process, we just have got to do it a lot faster. You have got to watch film a little bit faster, you have got to go through the plays a little bit faster, you have got to write down the plays faster. Yeah, it’s tough. I’m a little jittery right now. I’ve had 17 cups of coffee [laughter].”


On guards Shawn Lauvao and Josh LeRibeus:

“He [LeRibeus] has been ready. Josh came in, he was in great shape. We got Shawn in the free agency, gave him an opportunity, and it was a very close battle. LeRibeus did a great job in training camp, kept his weight down and played well, so he’s ready to go. I’m not concerned about Josh and his being ready to go.”


On holding Philadelphia without a sack:

“You know, that goes hand in hand, that goes hand in hand with the quarterback and the offensive line and receivers for that matter. The first game of the year we had three sacks, two of them were on the quarterback. But sometimes the quarterback saves the line, sometimes the line saves the quarterback. So, it’s hard to judge an offensive line on sack production. Sometimes the quarterback is throwing it so quick it’s impossible to get sacked. Overall, I was very pleased with the offensive line’s protection, their calls. Kory [Lichtensteiger] had another outstanding game as far as that’s concerned. Chris Chester continued to play well, obviously, Trent’s [Williams] a good solid left tackle for us, blocking Trent Cole, one of the best pass rushers in the game and Tyler did a nice job. Overall, the communication has been excellent and the protection was very good and Kirk was also very good.”


On history between Redskins Defensive Coordinator Jim Haslett and Giants Offensive Coordinator Ben McAdoo and if it will give either team an advantage:

“Yeah, I think it’s overrated. They know each other. They can go out to a restaurant and have dinner and know each other’s kids names but they don’t know what play is coming. Schematically, yeah I get you. That is the same thing. It’s an over front, it’s what type of coverages they like to play, but there’s always those sprinkle-ins that you are not sure of – the formations that Coach McAdoo will come up with or what have you. He is going to put a new wrinkle on some part of the game that we haven’t seen yet. But you are right, being familiar with that style of offense can make it easier for a defensive coordinator and also for an offensive coordinator, but you still have got to go out there and produce. You’ve got to call plays and make them work.”


On if the team has signed anyone from the practice squad to the active roster:

“No, just Chase [Minnifield], just Chase. We are going to give it another couple hours here and see the injury report again and talk to the trainers and go from there.”



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