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Online slots playing tips to help you win more frequently

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Whether you play slots in Las Vegas or on your smartphone, the machines sound and work the same. Three to seven reels spin relentlessly for a few seconds before forming symbols that determine whether you won or lost.

When you win, the jangly music meant to help you celebrate feels incredible. When you lose, you get disappointed and try your luck again. With this guide, our message is simple. Change how you approach slot machines with the following 10 tips and you could start winning more than you do.

#1: Pick high RTP slots

RTP stands for return to player and signifies the percentage of money a slot machine pays out to gamblers through wins. A 98% RTP slot machine, for example, pays out 98% of wagered money while casinos keep the remaining 2% as profits.

Although there’s no guarantee of winning more money by playing high slot games, you have better odds playing on these slot games. If a game has a 90% RTP rate, it means it pays out less money than a 95% or 96% slot machine. And, of course, you want to play on a slot machine known to pay out regularly.

Below are five of the best paying slot machines and their RTP rates:

  • Mega Joke—99%
  • Jackpot 6000—98.90%
  • Blood Suckers—98%
  • Starmania—97.87%
  • 1429 Uncharted Seas—98.60%

#2: Choose new games over the classics

The whirring sound of reels, tuneful background soundtracks and the flickering lights in classic slot games are unbelievably attractive. The games’ graphics may look old, but classic games have a ways of drawing your attention.

Still, if you play casino games to win cash, look out for the top paying new online slots. First off, they’re visually better looking. They incorporate numerous bonus symbols and pay out more frequently. When it comes to jackpots, modern slots pay from $10 to tens of millions.

What’s more, new age slot machines have a myriad of features that can help magnify your bottom line. Multipliers, for example, ensure you win two or more times your stake. Multiple paylines allow you to maximize your bet and stand to win a lot more than you would win in a traditional game

. When you also put into account the random jackpots found in nearly every modern slot, a small wager can win you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

#3: Bet more to win more

Many experienced slot players say the same thing about choosing your betting amount. Wager the maximum you can afford. That doesn’t mean you should drain your bankroll on a few games. But if you want to win plenty more than you do, stake significantly higher sums of cash.

It makes more sense when you start to imagine how much more money you could win by doubling your stake. Let’s say you wager the minimum bet of €0.25. That’s 25 cents, and could only give €2.5 with a 10x multiplier.

But if you were to wager €10, a multiplier of the same amount earns you €100. If you win a game that multiplies your bet 100 times, you would quickly turn €10 into €1000. Regrettably, betting more money means taking a bigger risk, so beware of that and bet an amount you can afford to lose.

#4: Accept bonuses wisely

If you’ve played casino games before, you’re no stranger to bonuses. Modern gambling sites give them out to whoever shows interest in them. A small deposit could be matched 500% so that you start playing with five times what you deposited.

But unsurprisingly, casinos have terms for all their bonuses. And as you would predict, most terms favor the house. If you want to use free spins to help you amplify your profits, ensure you pick them judiciously.

Look out for slot bonuses with no wagering terms. If you get 10 spins and win €50 from one of them, you get to keep the whole amount. If you can’t find bonuses without wagering terms, find those with the least amount of playthrough times.

While you are at it, also filter bonus offers based on their amounts and games you can use them for. The goal is to find generous free spins you could use on your favorite slot machine. They should also have high withdrawal limits, so that if you win more than €200 you can be allowed to keep the entire amount.

#5: Avoid games casinos promote so much

Most casinos have games they advertize frequently. These are the games that make them the most money. Sometimes they could be popular slots or jackpot games in which people have won millions of dollars.

Unless you’ve played the games before and won money out of them, don’t rush to play on games casinos advertise to you. Find different games, preferably those fellow players love or those with high RTP rates.

Use up casinos’ bonus offers to find games that play frequently. If you spot a game that pays regularly, bookmark it so that you try it with real money afterwards.

#6: Play random over progressive jackpots

If you commit to playing jackpot slot games, try your luck playing random pots. That’s because random jackpots are limited to one casino, which helps keep the number of people playing the game to a minimum.

By comparison, progressive jackpots involve players from dozens of online casinos. At times, thousands of people could be competing for the same jackpot at the same time. That, of course, lowers the odds of winning the money. Random jackpot games also tend to have higher RTP rates than the progressive ones, which as we mentioned above, betters your odds of winning.

To Conclude

Slot machines are not only the easiest games to play at casinos but they also promise the highest amounts of wins. That’s not say you’ll always win when playing your favorite games. Quite the contrary, you must choose the right games to increase your odds of winning. Also, maximize your bets and use bonuses to help magnify your wins.



























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