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No worries: Trump, Carson aren’t bolting the Republican Party


2016Billionaire Donald Trump and famed neurosurgeon Ben Carson were up in arms over a Washington Post report last week that had Republican leaders thinking aloud about how to deal with a brokered convention.

The implication was there was plotting about how to work around an outsider frontrunner, like, say, Trump or Carson, who would fall short of a majority of delegates going into the convention in favor of a more establishment-friendly candidate.

The two were asked at Tuesday’s CNN Republican debate to address comments they’d each made individually last week to the effect that they’d consider making independent runs if they felt the Republican Party was doing them wrong.

“I‘ve gained great respect for the Republican leadership,” Trump said. “I‘ve gained great respect for many — in different forms for the people on the dais. I have great respect for the people I have met in this process. But I will tell you, I am totally committed to the Republican Party. I feel very honored to be the front runner. And I think I’ll do very well if I’m chosen if I’m so fortunate to be chosen. Polls have come out recently that say I will beat Hillary.”

Actually, no polls out in the last week have Trump beating Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party frontrunner, and two have Clinton winning by a double-digit margin.

Another story for another day. On to Carson.

“The statement that I would leave the party was contingent upon whether in fact the party acts like they have in the past with a lot of subterfuge. And I have been assured that the Washington Post writer had it all wrong and they will not be engaging in anything to thwart the will of the people. That’s why I got into this race as a member of we the people to bring back honesty to the process,” Carson said.

Carson, dropping like an anchor in the polls, is an afterthought already, unfortunately for him.

– Story by Chris Graham



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