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tim kaine

Kaine to oppose Carson, Mulvaney nominations

U.S. Senator Tim Kaine released the following statement today on the nominations of Dr. Ben Carson and Congressman Mick Mulvaney.

tim kaine

Tim Kaine statement on nomination of Ben Carson to serve as HUD secretary

Sen. Tim Kaine released the following statement on President-elect Trump’s nomination of Dr. Ben Carson to serve as the next HUD secretary.

Poll: Trump maintains safe lead

Businessman Donald Trump holds a comfortable lead over his opponents in the New Hampshire Republican presidential primary contest.

Is U.S. better off for Iraq? Trump, surprisingly, is the voice of Republican reason

Going head on at a question about the fallout from the Iraq war would seem to be as fun for a Republican on a live TV debate as a root canal.

No worries: Trump, Carson aren’t bolting the Republican Party

Donald Trump and Ben Carson were up in arms over a report last week that had Republican leaders thinking aloud about how to deal with a brokered convention.

Guess who’s coming for dinner: Which presidential candidate would ruin Thanksgiving?

Public Policy Polling asked voters this week their thoughts on which presidential candidate would be most likely to say something stupid at the Thanksgiving dinner table. Your best guess as to who gets that nod.

Poll: Donald Trump with lead on GOP, Hillary Clinton with big lead with Dems

The latest Public Policy Polling national voter survey has Donald Trump with a seven-point lead on Ben Carson among Republican voters.

Poll: Ben Carson, Hillary Clinton lead among Virginia voters

A University of Mary Washington poll of Virginia voters’ preferences for president released this week gives Hillary Clinton a commanding lead among Democrats and Ben Carson a five-point lead on the field among Republicans.

Trump, Carson neck-and-neck, Cruz gaining in Iowa: Poll

A new poll of Iowa voters by Public Policy Polling has Donald Trump and Ben Carson in a virtual dead heat, with Ted Cruz gaining ground. Trump was at 22 percent in the PPP poll, with Carson at 21 percent. Cruz was at 14 percent, gaining six points from an October poll in Iowa.

Earth Talk: Where do the Republican presidential hopefuls stand on environmental issues?

In recent decades, Republicans have certainly been far less sympathetic to environmental causes than the Democrats, and this year’s batch of candidates for the party’s presidential nomination is no exception.

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Podcast: Did Benghazi hearing boost Hillary Clinton in the polls?

Hillary Clinton more than handled herself in front of tough questioning from a House committee investigating the 2012 attack on a consultate in Benghazi, Libya. AFP editor Chris Graham breaks down the political implications of the made-for-TV drama on WREL-1450 in Lexington, Va.

New Fox News poll: Trump lead down to one point in GOP race, Clinton lead grows among Dems

Donald Trump has a one-point lead on Ben Carson in the Republican Party presidential nomination race, according to a new poll from Fox News.

Poll: Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump lead party nomination battles in Virginia

Hillary Clinton maintains a solid lead among Virginia Democrats, and Donald Trump has a small lead among Virginia Republicans, according to new polling data from the Wason Center for Public Policy at Christopher Newport University.

Poll: Donald Trump maintains safe lead in Republican Party presidential race

A new poll from Public Policy Polling has Donald Trump still up 10 points on the rest of the Republican Party presidential field, though there is slight slippage back toward the pack for The Donald.

Poll: Trump lead narrowing in Republican race, Biden does best in November 2016 test heats

A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll has the Republican Party presidential nomination race tightening, and Vice President Joe Biden looking like the best bet for Democrats in November 2016 test heats.

Poll: Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina lead in Iowa

A new Public Policy Polling survey of Iowa voters has Donald Trump remaining at the top of the Republican Party presidential field, but the gap between Trump and the field is narrowing.

Poll: Ben Carson closing in on Donald Trump?

Surgeon Ben Carson is surgin’ in the Republican polls, according to a new survey of voters by CBS News and the New York Times.

Donald Trump is right: Seriously, Ben Carson?

Donald Trump, for once, has a valid point, when he asks, “Who is Ben Carson to question my faith?” I mean, Trump has made it clear that he thinks the Bible is a good book, awesome, the best book of all time, and that’s enough for me.

Poll: Hillary Clinton has small leads over Republican rivals

New polling data from Public Policy Polling continues to have Democrat Hillary Clinton a slight favorite in the early, early, early rendering of the 2016 general election.

Poll: Donald Trump widens lead among Republicans, with Ben Carson moving into second

A new national poll from Public Policy Polling has celebrity Donald Trump building on his strong lead among candidates for the Republican Party presidential nomination.

Hillary Clinton gets huge support in Virginia: Poll

A new Christopher Newport University poll has Hillary Clinton with a commanding lead among Virginia Democrats looking ahead to the 2016 presidential nomination race.

Poll: Ted Cruz has Republican presidential momentum

It’s a crowded Republican 2016 presidential field, and Ted Cruz is trying to fight his way to the top tier.