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New book takes look at middle school bullying


little snoopsAs an elementary school teacher, Regina Webster is well aware of the harrowing bullying many children face, often feeling unable to help themselves as they can’t fight back. Thankfully, Webster’s compelling new children’s book proves that fighting back with violence isn’t the solution, with the book’s two tenacious cousins showing how this most unique of challenges should really be handled.

‘Little Snoops: Awesome Escapades’ bares all, with a story that has captured the attention and hearts of readers from coast to coast.

Synopsis: Middle School can be such a tough time, but Timothy finds its even harder when he meets Tyson, a kid bent on making his life miserable. Timothy and his cousin, Casey, invent clever ways to combat the evil Tyson. The boys turn into “little snoops” and come up with funny solutions to their problems. In the end, they discover that Middle School is not so bad after all.

“Part of my job is to teach children to read and write. I’d often find myself making up short stories as examples, and the reaction was so good that I finally decided to write a book!” explains Webster. “The book had to be useful to society, and there is no more vital topic right now than bullying.”

Continuing, “My over-riding goal is to make it clear that good character and creative thinking is any victim’s best weapon against their aggressors. Throwing punches back or stealing the bully’s lunch doesn’t get anyone anywhere. I’m not necessarily saying victims have to kill their bullies with kindness, but there’s ways of handling the problem that doesn’t involve stooping to their level.”

Readers agree, leaving an abundance of praise for the book. For example, Kae T. Calloway comments, “I bought this book for my grandchildren, they enjoyed it very much when I read it to them. A new author, she spends a fine story.”

‘Snoop’ adds, “This is a fun book to read. I couldn’t put it down. It is a great book for kids to learn about bullies. It was easy reading.”

Sharra believes everyone should have a copy of the book, writing, “Great book for parents, kids, and teachers. This is a must have for everyone, especially if you have children and with the awareness about bullying, this is a must have for everyone.”

‘Little Snoops: Awesome Escapades’ is available now:




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