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Investing in your twenties

moneyYou can never start too early when planning for your future. So it is with investing; even in your twenties you can do things that will set you up for success.

Plus, it isn’t even just money that we’re talking about. When you invest while you’re young, you are actually making a larger investment in your overall future because financial health can translate into a healthier life when you get older. Of course, everyone’s situation and circumstances are different, but you could still benefit from checking out a guide to making investments in your twenties.


Time is on your side

Or at least more so than when you reach middle-age. The truth of the matter is, making investments at this stage in your life really helps you to take advantage of time. Even if you just make very small investments, over time, that will multiply in ways you may not even imagine. Starting in your twenties as opposed to your thirties could end up giving you 50% or more in returns! Moreover, starting when you’re young doesn’t have to be a deterrent to making wise investments. Many young people, for example, choose to invest in smaller, more secure assets or funds. As they learn more about the stock market, portfolios, and more, they can then branch out into other endeavors without feeling completely clueless. Everyone starts somewhere.


Sacrifice now, save later

It may seem like a bummer to cut costs and make small sacrifices here and there when it seems as though all of your buddies are out just blowing their cash away. Yet in the long run, this could really work out for you (your saving, we mean.) Even just taking a small portion out of your monthly income and putting it aside for investments can translate into a large return later on down the line. This is especially important if you are thinking of having children when you’re older. Just imagine already having that secure college fund or money to take care of your kids without worrying about where the money will come from. Some small sacrifices now can mean more comfort and security later – for you and your children.


Take chances

Now, it is not always wise to be a risk-taker where investments are involved, yet while you’re young, you do have more leeway when it comes to aggression and taking risks. Diversification in your portfolio (meaning that you invest in various assets) can help you to actually get some cash flowing in your accounts. Keeping some money in a stable market or fund can still be a viable option, but this is the time when you can probably afford to invest in riskier endeavors. Always weigh your options!



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