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How to bet on the Super Bowl 2022

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In the United States, the Super Bowl is the year’s biggest betting event, and kickoff is scheduled for Sunday, February 13, 2022.

According to the latest Super Bowl odds from major sportsbooks, the Green Bay Packers are the early favorites, followed closely by the Kansas City Chiefs. However, Buccaneers, the Bills, Rams, Cowboys, and Titans are closing in on them. Sportsbooks offer attractive odds that translate into a nice payout for those who correctly predict the future NFL Champions.

The current Super Bowl odds take into account team form, schedule strength, roster changes,  and other factors, and each sportsbook establishes its lines based on those factors. As a result, bettors can use our constantly updated odds table to determine the best lines before placing a wager.

How to place a bet on the Super Bowl

Because of the popularity of the Super Bowl, many fans are placing their first bets on football. The following is a step-by-step guide to establishing a wager on the Super Bowl:

Choose a betting site

Examine and compare legal sportsbooks in your area, including reading reviews and ratings, identifying banking options, as well as the odds markets available for the bets you want to place.

Sign up for an account

Once you’ve found a sportsbook that meets your requirements, you should register for an account and fund your sportsbook account using one of the numerous banking options available.

Browse the odds

As soon as your account has been activated and funded, you can begin browsing through the Super Bowl betting odds to locate the wagers you wish to place.

Place your bets

In your betting card, list all of the wagers you’ve made, along with their types and amounts staked. Double-check that the bets and wager size are correct before clicking the submit/place a bet button to complete the transaction.

Review your bets

Check the status of your active bets to ensure that they have been accepted successfully.

Watch your wagers play out

Make yourself a tasty snack and a refreshing drink, settle into a comfortable seat, turn on the Super Bowl, and revel in the thrill of placing a wager on the big game.

The Super Bowl betting odds are more complicated than the money line, Under/over and point spread,  totals. So if you’re looking for some exciting new ways to wager on the Super Bowl, here are some of the most popular.

Props: The fun bets

Prop bets on the Super Bowl are among the most popular and rapidly growing markets for betting on the Big Game.

Props – also known as proposition bets – come in various forms and concentrations. Props can be awarded for specific team performance, player stats, or game events. These can be wagered in Over/Under, Yes/No, or head-to-head options (which involve spreads).

With a game this large, there are thousands of different props to wager on, including who will win the MVP award, the length of the national anthem, the coin toss, the halftime show, and the color of the Gatorade bath given to the winning coach.

Live betting: In-play wagering

Another way to wager on the Super Bowl is through in-game wagering.

Most online and mobile sportsbooks will offer real-time betting odds that adjust in real-time in response to on-field action and results. And, as befits a game of this intensity, Super Bowl live betting offers a sizable selection of in-play odds.

Adjusted point spreads, Under/Over totals, and money lines will be available in-game, as well as prop odds on the next team to score, the next player to score a touchdown, and even the outcome of the next play.

Parlays: More risk, more payout

Betting on a Super Bowl parlay is an excellent way to increase your chances of winning big during the Big Game. However, you should be aware that a parlay bet is one of the riskier wagers you can make.

Parlays require you to combine two or more bets and offer a higher potential payout if all of those bets are correct. The greater the number of bets included in the parlay, the greater the potential payout (and the greater the risk). However, if even one of the wagers in the parlay is a loser, the parlay as a whole is graded as a loss.

Teasers: Moving numbers in your favor

Teasers, like parlays, require you to combine two or more wagers. However, teasers allow you to move spreads and Over/Unders in your favor by a specified number of points – typically six, 6.5, or seven points.

The possible payout is determined by the number of points awarded and the number of bets included in the teaser. And, similar to parlays, the teaser must contain all correct bets to be graded as a winner.

Futures: Year-round Super Bowl betting

With futures 2022 Super Bowl odds at FanDuel, you can place wagers on who you believe will be the next NFL champion throughout the entire year. In addition, if you have a futures ticket on one of the two teams that will be competing in the Super Bowl, you’ll want to learn how to limit your Super Bowl bet.

Some sportsbooks are already offering odds on the next Super Bowl before its current season concludes. Many online betting sites are currently offering Super Bowl 2022 odds, with Kansas City once again favored to win the game.

Final thoughts

The Super Bowl has long been regarded as the most eagerly anticipated event of the year. You can experiment with and incorporate numerous betting types into your daily betting routine. Sign up with a reputable betting site in 2022 to avoid being a casualty and thoroughly enjoy your Super Bowl experience.

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