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Five beautiful home design ideas to try this winter


winterWinter is on its way—tis the season for hibernation and homely nights in. But is your home ready to become your winter haven?

If—like most of us—your answer is “No,” then do not fear. Follow our tips for turning your home into a cosy winter idyll and you’ll relish your long nights in.


Creating Your Winter Sanctuary

Try some of these methods to make the most of your home this winter:

  1. Add colour: Colour has instant impact. So no matter how dark and dismal it is outside, warm, rich, deep colours are wonderful for staving off the winter blues. Add gilt and metallic accents for a bit of seasonal flare and your home will come alive. And the good news is there’s no need to use a lick of paint to achieve this effect. Accessories alone—ornaments, throws, tablecloths and cushions—are enough to bring vibrancy and delight.
  2. Layer Fabrics and Textures: Layering up is what winter is all about.  Clothe your home in luxurious layers of thick, warm, soft textures and fabrics. Enhance this feeling of warmth with a generous scattering of throws, cushions and pillows in bedrooms and on sofas throughout. Layering rugs—sheepskin in particular—will not only add texture and dimension, but will ensure toasty feet all winter.
  3. Focus on Your Fireplace: A natural gravitation point when it’s cold outside, roaring hearths are symbolic of winter. So if you’re lucky enough to have one, make it a focal point this winter. Adorn the mantel with a few colourful accessories and photographs, and hang an eye-catching mirror above. Mixing style and function, get a fireplace screen that’s both chic and insulating. We love Perspex for this. Get a Perspex sheet cut to size for your hearth and watch your heating bills drop. And to enjoy your fireplace focal point to its fullest, gather your furniture round to create a cosy little nook.
  4. Make the Most of Your Lighting: At the height of winter, artificial lighting defines our days. To feel warm, contented and cosy, avoid harsh blue bulbs in favour of a warm, autumnal glow. Mirrors play a huge part in maximising light and fighting off the darkness—liberally place them throughout your home. And no winter night would be complete without the ethereal glow of candles casting their calming light.
  5. Bring the Outside In: In winter, the chill limits our time spent outside. Remedy this by bringing a little greenery inside. It makes for a healthier, more vibrant environment and protects our flowered friends from the frost. Poinsettia, Holly and Ivy are all seasonal favourites and many flowers are natural winter bloomers, such as Cyclamen, African Violets and Streptocarpus.

Getting ready for winter is a great excuse to breathe fresh life into your home. Trying just a few of these tips will transform your habitat into a homely haven from the cold.



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