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Chris Graham: Fire Kathleen Sebelius


sebeliusSomebody’s head needs to roll for the massive screwup that is Not to appease congressional Republicans, not to take political heat off, nothing of the political sort at all.

Firing Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius should not have anything to do with politics. Pure and simple, it should be about a job nowhere near well done.

It was bad enough that the website was not ready for prime time on Oct. 1, when the Affordable Care Act took effect, and millions of people began to log on to to learn more about how the new ObamaCare world might work for them.

We’re nearly three weeks later, and the website is still one glitch after another.

HHS had three years to get the rollout right. They’ve had three weeks to fix the problems that they somehow didn’t foresee.

Speaking as someone who by day is a web designer, I’d have expected to have been fired from a job done as poorly as the original. Give me three weeks to fix it, and I show no appreciable signs of progress, and yeah, give me the axe, unconditionally.

It’s really hard to fathom how the people in charge of this project could eff this undertaking up as badly as they did. From the decision to require people to sign up for an account before they could browse the site on down, this is just basic cluelessness on the part of people who should know better. Remember, the Obama administration exists at all because the core people around the president figured out how to marshal the resources of the web and social media to build and mobilize an electoral base.

Every day, every hour, that this colossal fubar job lingers on is an embarrassment.

Those responsible for it, to borrow from Monty Python, need to be sacked.



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