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A pyrrhic victory for the partisan press?

There’s a long held media maxim that a journalist’s most valuable asset is reputation. After this election, many media outlets may have to file for bankruptcy.


Small newspapers don’t like new overtime rules

The newspaper industry has an issue with the new overtime pay rules. Big surprise there, if you know anything about the print news business.


Information is free: Gathering it ain’t free

I’m reminded of an odd email conversation that I had with a local café in the early, early days of Augusta Free Press.


The media and the corporate state

In an interview with Cenk Uygur March 23, Bernie Sanders noted, “The media is an arm of the ruling class of this country.”


A conspiracy of fear-mongers

Over the weekend CNN breathlessly reported as “Breaking News” a new poll indicating that people are increasingly frightened about terrorism.

Blueprint: Your guide for controlling the Augusta County Schools curriculum

Augusta County Schools just laid out a blueprint for how any of us can change the education curriculum.


Writing Rape: Women’s Media Center study finds crucial gap in coverage by gender

Media coverage of U.S. campus rape and sexualized violence is significantly skewed toward the bylines and voices of men, according to a Women’s Media Center report released today.


Four Virginia newspapers, one television station capture Farm Bureau Journalism Awards

The Tidewater News in Franklin claimed Virginia Farm Bureau Federation’s Ishee-Quann Award for Media Excellence, which recognizes the best of all entries in the organization’s annual Journalism Award competition.

EMU media, religion professors team up to analyze selfie culture

Cell phones are this generation’s cigarette. That was one analysis provided by Jerry Holsopple and Linford Stutzman to students participating in an October Living and Learning Forum at Eastern Mennonite University. Holsopple, a visual and communication arts professor, and Stutzman, professor in the Bible and religion department, teamed up to talk about “selfie culture” and the potential side-effects of this social phenomenon.


Wanna be a journalist? No, you don’t

Aspiring journalists, take note: aspire to something else. CareerCast features journalist on its annual list of endangered jobs. Newspaper jobs are expected to decline by 13 percent over the next decade, ranking it fourth on the list of the most endangered careers.

Reporting the news, or sensationalism? Thoughts on coverage of the Staunton murder-suicide

Reporters from several local news organizations were on the scene within minutes of police being called to Cherry Hill Drive in Staunton Wednesday night to investigate reports of a double shooting.

Governor McAuliffe announces new Virginia chief information officer

Governor Terry McAuliffe announced Monday that Nelson Moe has been appointed as the new Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Schilling Show host to sue Greene County government for FOIA violation

WINA radio host and SchillingShow.com founder Rob Schilling is initiating a FOIA-related lawsuit against Greene County, Virginia.

terry mcauliffe

Governor McAuliffe statement on Columbia University review of Rolling Stone campus sexual assault article

Governor Terry McAuliffe released the following statement on Columbia University School of Journalism’s review of Rolling Stone’s ‘A Rape on Campus’ article.

Who do you trust? Poll reveals attitudes toward TV news

Half of you still trust NBC News, even after hearing that Nightly News anchor Brian Williams is more raconteur than newsman. The other half don’t, but those of you in this group might not trust the news in general.

Six months? Brian Williams is done at NBC News

We can go ahead and feel solid adding former NBC News anchor and managing editor to the Wikipedia entry for Brian Williams, who is clearly done as far as those roles are concerned.

Advertise in Augusta Free Press: The Magazine

Augusta Free Press: The Magazine is in our final week to accept placements for our March/April 2015 issue. The full-color magazine offers news with an emphasis on business, news, politics, community, entertainment and more.

Virginia Tech developing plan to help news organizations use unmanned aircraft in reporting efforts

Leaders with the Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership at Virginia Tech have outlined a research plan to study how reporters could use unmanned aircraft to gather news.