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The benefits of SMS marketing for your business


Marketing is an important strategy for the success of your business, and there are a lot of ways you can approach your marketing strategies. You could start by simply establishing a reliable and working online presence. The Internet is a global platform that is available on all your digital devices.

Well, you may be satisfied with having just that or think that’s pretty much it, but you’ll be surprised to find out that there’s more to it. Have you ever thought of SMS marketing? If so, the Internet has all the answers you need. You can simply click for more info to learn more about SMS marketing solutions provided by this company as well as mobile marketing in general. Most people may tend to overlook SMS and feel that it may be costly for a business setup if you’re using it to send out mass messages. This is where INTIS Telecom’s SMS software comes in and solves all of your marketing needs.


Instantaneous Message Blasts

You might ask why it is important to send an SMS messages when you can simply email them. Emails are effective but they are not time-sensitive. You may argue that an email is received as soon as it is sent; but for the recipients to read the information, they will first require to have a push notification which may not appear right away and, on the other hand, they also have to have a stable network connection.

Compared to emails, SMS messages are transferred within a few seconds. The benefit is that it doesn’t need an internet connection to be received or sent out. The SMS notification comes right away, and the recipient can immediately read it. Push notifications can be easily deleted and forgotten, but a text message has to be opened before its push notification disappears.


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Efficiency of SMS Messages

SMS messages are far more efficient. Well-constructed messages should convey a sense of urgency and prompt the customer to respond to that urgency. The opportunity to text your customers is one which you want to make the most out of. To begin with, customers need to trust you with their personal mobile numbers; otherwise, they will simply unsubscribe from the text messages if they feel that these are a nuisance.


Creates a Loyal Relationship

SMS messages with a personal touch are what INTIS Telecom offers, and it is a good way to establish a relationship with the customers. You would want to keep the text messages short and simple, and you should also get straight to the point to avoid any unnecessary information in the text. Keep it precise and ensure that you refer to the customers using their name.


Simplicity of the Messages

SMS messages are very simple, and they are easy to construct in a manner to convey what you need with just a few characters. The text is supposed to urge the customer to go an extra mile for them to find out more.

For it to be even more effective, focus on pointing out the key elements within the short text message rather than going into the details which you can later send in the email or a newsletter. This means that your customers can later read the more detailed information about the products and services that you’re offering. You can answer all questions and attend to customer feedback and support via email. An email is best for detailed information, lengthy texts, and anything that doesn’t require your customer’s immediate attention.



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