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Augusta County leaders issue another toothless statement on reassessments

Chris Graham
Augusta County
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The Augusta County Board of Supervisors, clearly feeling the heat over skyrocketing reassessments, has released yet another statement on the reassessments.

The statement, released on Monday, begins: “As the County of Augusta undergoes its reassessment process, we understand the concerns that residents may have regarding the increase in assessments. We acknowledge the impact that these reassessments can have on our community.”

The average homeowner in the county will see their tax bill increase 54 percent due to the 2024 reassessment, pending action by the Board of Supervisors to equalize the tax rate, which is currently set at 63 cents per $100 assessed value.

For context there, the tax bill on a $200,000 residential property would increase $680 based on the new average increase in reassessment; a $300,000 residential property would bring a higher tax bill in the amount of $1,020.

County leaders began their deliberations on the 2025 fiscal-year budget Monday morning.

The statement from the county is curiously missing any reference to tax-rate equalization.

We did get this quote from Board Chair Jeff Slaven: “We recognize the anxiety that residents may feel as a result of the reassessment process. As stewards of our community, it is our responsibility to ensure that we strike a balance between fiscal responsibility and addressing the needs of our residents.”

We also got this awkward reminder: “Property owners have the right to appeal their reassessed values if they believe they do not accurately represent their property’s value or are inconsistent with similar properties. Appeals can be made to the Augusta County Reassessment Office, the Board of Equalization, or the Circuit Court, and we encourage residents to use the process outlined in the notices and on the county website. Please start communications about your appeal by March 18, 2024.”

Start communications about your appeal by March 18, 2024.

A week ago.

Sure, get right on that.

Chris Graham

Chris Graham

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