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4 benefits of living in the city centre


The area you live in impacts every aspect of your life, from the money you spend to the lifestyle you lead. While some people prefer to live in a quiet neighbourhood, if you’re a fan of the hustle and bustle of big cities and you’re looking to move to a new area, living in the city centre could be perfect for you. Here are four benefits of living in a city centre location.

Everything you need is nearby

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Whether you need a pint of milk from a local shop or you’re craving a McDonalds at 1 AM, when you live in the city centre, everything is right on your doorstep. If you’re sick of having to travel to the centre every time you want a nice meal out or want to meet up for drinks with friends, living in the city centre is ideal. More and more properties are being developed in the city-centre of major UK cities, such as apartments like Parliament Square from RW Invest, which is located in the hustle and bustle of Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle neighbourhood. By living in a property like this, you’re able to step out to a wide range of restaurants, eateries, bars and more, giving you lots to explore.

Travel becomes a lot easier when you live in the city centre, as you have more immediate access to transport links such as major train stations. This means that if you need to visit family in another city, or even commute to a town nearby for work, you won’t have to factor in extra travel time to get to the station. In some cities such as Manchester or London, the city centre also has sophisticated and reliable metro or tram systems that help you get from A to B in hardly any time at all.

There’s always something to do

Bored on a Wednesday night? If you live in the city centre, you’re sure to find something fun and interesting to do every day and night of the week. Whether that means going to see a film at the cinema, watching a local band or musician play live, or checking out a free exhibition at a local gallery — there’s always plenty to see and do if you’re living in a major city.

You’ll walk more

Unlike when you live in the suburbs or outskirts of a city where you’ll usually need to drive or take public transport to get to your workplace, living in the city centre often means you’re able to get where you want to be simply by walking. There are lots of benefits that come with walking to work, whether its the physical health benefits or the effect it can have on your mental wellbeing. Walking even improves your carbon footprint, as it’s the most eco-friendly way to travel. By travelling on foot, you also save a lot of money on transport costs, which can quickly add up if you’re commuting five days a week.



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