New Zealand’s largest paint and wine party expands and rebrands

newspaperHave you ever heard of the brand Cork and Canvas? Not to worry if you haven’t because this successful painting and wine company rebrands their company. Why might you ask? Well, Cork and Canvas have decided that their best interests from a business perspective are to rebrand their company in order to have a global significance.

In this article, we want to introduce you to the rebranded and reinvigorated company: PaintVine

What is PaintVine?

New Zealand’s favourite wine and paint party has undergone major changes to ensure that their demographic is now considered on a worldwide scale.  PaintVine combines art with wine to bring an element of sophistication, fun, relaxation, and entertainment to a world that is obsessed with artistic flairs and tasty alcoholic drinks. What’s not to love? There really is something here for everyone!

Where is PaintVine

Across New Zealand, there are a number of places where you will be able to drink and paint at the same time. Below we have listed the three current areas that have PaintVine at the very heart of its customers: • Wellington, New Zealand; • Hamilton, New Zealand; • Auckland, New Zealand.

A Night Like No Other

Blending the arts with alcohol, conversation and friendly night out, PaintVine is guaranteed to get your attention. A night like no other, there are many events across New Zealand that you can attend which has a different focus for each event.  Below we have listed some examples of some of the artistic creations that you can get involved with:  • The Boatsheds; • Cathedral Cove; • Piha Sunset; • Rangitoto Sunrise; • Balloons Over Waikato; • Parnell Rose Gardens • And many more!

The Founders of PaintVine

Co-founders Alex Hamilton, Euan Lockie and Denym Bird envisioned a company that prospered at the thought of glamour and entertainment.  New Zealand is often considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and the founders of PaintVine wanted to instill this beauty in all things artistic. A clever idea which brings the arts back to life by complementing these nights with fun, relaxation and ensuring a good time with wine and socializing.

The Future of PaintVine

Having been rated 5 stars and considered as one of Australasia’s best businesses, PaintVine looks to prosper over the next few years.  As a reader of this article, no matter where across the world, plans to make this business international would be utterly amazing. The fact that people in New Zealand have found a new and exciting form of entertainment should be shared across the globe. Hopefully, with its success rates continuing to rise, the future of PaintVine looks promising.

As a lover of wine and creation, I think the concept of PaintVine is remarkable. The arts are often underestimated and seem to be fading out in today’s world. The fact that this is being brought to life by combining it with other elements of sophistication and elegance (often terms used to describe wine and wine lovers) is a great way to promote a new and exciting hobby.  The expansion and rebranding of a clear business success suggest how its business and concepts will continue to flourish our world.

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