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More renovations planned for Gypsy Hill Park duck pond

By Rebecca J. Barnabi
For Augusta Free Press

Gypsy Hill Park
The duck pond at Gypsy Hill Park is seen in May 2020 before flood damage in August 2020 and before renovations funded by the Staunton Lions Club in 2021. Photo by Rebecca Barnabi.

STAUNTON — After renovations of the duck pond at Gypsy Hill Park funded by the Staunton Lions Club, renovations are about to begin to repair damage caused by the Aug. 8, 2020 flood.

The Staunton Lions Club made “a significant contribution to the park” with $35,000 of renovations, including brick work and improvements to duck feeders. According to Chris Tuttle, director of the Staunton City Parks & Recreation, in the spring the club’s contribution will also provide new fountains at the pond.

The club also previously provided new up lighting around the willow tree on the island in the center of the pond and new roofs on the buildings in the duck feeding area.

“They’re doing the feel-good projects,” Tuttle said of the club’s funding.

Tuttle said that the flood in August 2020 pushed up fencing and sidewalks around the pond, which have been blocked off to visitors. The nearby bridge must also be replaced.

“So the flood did some significant damage to the duck pond,” Tuttle said.

These renovations will begin soon, but are not funded by the Staunton Lions Club, and are expected to be complete by early summer.

Tuttle said that some areas of sidewalk will have to come up completely and be replaced because of the flood.

“The pond will still be open to the public,” Tuttle said of these new renovations.

After the fencing and sidewalk are fixed, the barriers will come down.

“And we’ll be good to go,” Tuttle said.

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