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Matt Caterine | Support Employee Free Choice

On Nov. 4, the people of Virginia sent a loud and clear message to elected officials in Congress: they want leadership that will bring about real change in Washington. Despite misleading attacks from anti-worker special interests, voters elected Mark Warner to work with a pro-worker majority in Congress and a pro-worker president to take a critical step toward reinvigorating the middle class and turning around our crumbling economy.

Through continued support of the Employee Free Choice Act – bipartisan legislation making it easier for workers to form unions – Sen.-elect Mark Warner will help more Americans join and stay in the middle class. Union membership guarantees opportunities for better wages, access to health care, job security and the ability for those who work hard and play by the rules to achieve the American Dream.

I hope as our new U.S. senator, Mark Warner will use this new opportunity, through supporting the Employee Free Choice Act, to create positive change that will affect Virginia’s working families and future generations to come.


– Letter from Matt Caterine, Williamsburg

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