How are couples navigating long-distance relationships?

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If you have a granny who managed to keep a long-distance relationship alive 60 years ago, ask that woman everything about dating. Back then, it was nearly impossible to have long-distance relationships. At least in the way, we can have them today. Back then, it took a letter 30 days to arrive. Now we send messages instantly. That makes keeping the spark alive simpler, but it’s still tricky to navigate long-distance relationships. This article will help you solve that problem.

What can you do to make your long distance relationship work?

Every relationship takes work. Long-distance relationships take more than regular because a couple can’t meet to make out, fight, make love, or argue. But there are ways to stay connected with a partner who lives far away. Yes, love is crucial. But love can’t survive without effort from both sides. This is how you put that effort in.

Remind your partner what you love about your relationship

Couples in long-distance relationships sometimes stop communicating after a while. They still hear from each other, but not as often as before. And not about important things. Reminding your partner what exactly you like about your relationships helps to keep the fire of love alive. Tell your partner how you make each other better and how a relationship makes you feel.

Communicate as much as you need

Communicating as much as possible is the most important factor for keeping long-distance relationships together. Couples need to communicate with each other to get updates about stuff and feel connected. But talking to other couples is very important too. Joining the couple chat room on the dating site to hang out with numerous other couples and singles helps stay together. The site creates an environment similar to a regular party. People join a chat room to have fun. Everybody makes jokes; photos fly around. Sometimes people sing. Crazy and the closest to hanging out with new people a long-distance couple can get.

Find a way to hang out together while apart

Chat rooms on the dating site are the solution for couples who want to hang out with new people together. New people are joining, and old members are logging in. Someone is always there and ready to have fun. Besides joining chat rooms on dating sites, playing online games is another way for long-distance couples to hang out. Driving around on GTA V or smashing each other’s face on UFC 4, what can be more romantic than that?

Support each other’s interests

The most common reason for breaks up in long-distance relationships is going in different directions. After a while, couples have to decide if they’ll stay together despite their interest. That happens in normal relationships too. Couples who aren’t strong enough to support each other while staying together and working on themselves break up 10 out of 10 times. But couples who understand relationships mean 2 separate beings are creating one entity of love and support, tend to stay together regardless of miles between them.

Be fully present while together

It can be difficult for long-distance couples to find time to chat with each other, especially if there’s a time difference. That’s understandable, but then, they should be fully present while they’re together to make the most out of that time. In-person or on chat doesn’t matter. When you’re talking to someone you love, be there, listen to them. Don’t let your mind wander. Not all who wander are lost, but a wandering mind on dates kills relationships.

Long-distance dating during COVID–19 days

Long-distance dating during the pandemic isn’t much different than dating before COVID-19 changed the world. Couples who live far away can’t see each other anyway. But there are still some things everybody should do. First of all, trying to stay healthy during the pandemic is crucial because, without health, it becomes more difficult to keep the relationship alive. Other than focusing on yourself to make the two of you stronger together, focusing on each other is a must. Talk about your problems, fears, and hopes. That will bond you close together, and the pandemic can be the best thing that ever happened to you as a couple.

Pros and cons of dating and long-distance relationships

Long-distance dating has its pros and cons, but the pros are still better than the cons. Yes, not seeing each other in person is the biggest con. It requires unshakeable trust to stay with someone you can’t see. But pros make up for that. Online dating sites are connecting singles seeking long-distance relationships every day. If millions want to start that kind of relationship, there must be something good in it. Technology erases the distance. Couples can video chat, meet other people online, and even have VR walks. In a couple of years, technology will make long-distance dating even better.

Being in a long-distance relationship used to be difficult, but today technology makes that much simpler. However, it still takes a lot of work to keep a relationship alive. This article focused on things you can do to make current or future relationships stronger.

Story by Olivia Simpson

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