How air freight forwarding can help streamline your business

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Running a business involves a lot of activities. You will need to transport raw materials from their source to your manufacturing plant, and deliver finished products to your clients. If you are in the export and import business, you will require freight and forwarding services to facilitate the moment of goods from one location to another.

Freight forwarding services involve activities of shipping goods on behalf of individuals and businesses. Freight forwarding companies play a very important role in the logistics process. They assist manufacturers to get raw materials, and also help them to distribute manufactured goods to customers. Packair freight forwarding is one of these companies that can facilitate transport logistics for your business. Logistics involve a lot of other services other than just transport. Here are more ways that air freight forwarding can help streamline your business.

Act as Intermediaries

Air freight forwarders act as intermediaries between various businesses, transport and storage companies. They ensure that goods are transported safely and arrive on time from one business to another. Freight forwarders do not own any trucks, warehouses or airplanes, but they play a critical role in connecting businesses that operate these facilities, with businesses transporting goods.


Importing and exporting goods requires a lot of documentation, some of which can be complex. It requires professionals with adequate knowledge of the import and export business to process these documents for you. Some of these documents include:

Commercial Invoice – This is a document a seller sends to the buyer. It shows the value of goods that customs officers use to calculate customs duty. It is a customs declaration document that an exporter sends to the destination of the goods to calculate tariffs. The invoice usually contains information about the goods, country of origin, manufacturers name and a statement to certify the information contained in that invoice.

Bill of Lading – Abbreviated as BOL, it is a document signed between the exporter and the carrier. It is generated by the owner of the goods detailing the specifics of the cargo. It entitles the carrier and specifically instructs them to deliver the goods to the named party. There are two types of BOL. These are the negotiable or shipper’s BOL and the non-negotiable or straight BOL. Negotiable BOL can be sold or bought even when the goods are on transit. The receiving party must have an original document to receive the goods.

Inspection Certificate – This document shows if the goods have been inspected and if they meet the standards required in terms of quality.

Air freight forwarders help you fill these and other documents hence saving you a lot of time to carry out other business activities.


When shipping goods from one country to another, there is a need for labeling for security purposes. Labeling involves listing all the goods contained in a shipping container, the goods’ country of origin, the port of entry details, hazardous items, the weight of the goods and any other information required for processing the goods in the destination country.

Packaging of Goods

The packaging is a vital step in the transportation of goods. If goods are packed wrongly, they might arrive damaged or even get lost. Some goods require loading and offloading at multiple stages before they arrive at their final destination. The forwarders will arrange goods to be transported from the manufacturers’ plant to the airport using a truck, then organize on how the goods will be flown, then take the goods from the airport against using trucks to the destination. Freight forwarders help your business to prepare and package goods for export. They are usually packaged based on the goods’ final destination. When goods are to be airlifted, they should be lightly packed to try and keep the costs as low as possible.

Select Shipping Routes

Freight forwarders help select the shipping or flying routes of goods from the sellers to the buyers. They try and select the best routes possible to lower the cost of transporting goods from one location to another.  Selecting shipment routes is based on security needs, the goods being shipped and transit times.

Reserve Space on Transit Couriers

As a business person, you cannot manage to involve yourself in getting shipping spaces for your goods. It is the work of professionals at the point of shipping that can do that effectively. Freight forwarders help your business to reserve these spaces in aircraft, trucks, and ships. These spaces are normally very competitive and can determine whether you get your goods on time or not.

Arrange for Special Transport

If you have sensitive goods that can get damaged easily, such as medical supplies, freight forwarders can help you organize for special transport. They can organize for you special containers and ensure that goods are packaged in a special manner.


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