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Healing and recovery offered at Sunrise Native Recovery Center

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Sunrise Native Recovery Centre is unique addiction and health treatment center in Scottsdale, Arizona. This facility is dedicated to treating members of the Native American communities that suffer from drug and substance abuse and other occurring disorders by providing them with holistic and nurturing recovery experiences rooted in traditional based treatments.

The facility’s mission is to build a healthier Native American community by strengthening families by healing individuals struggling with substance abuse and other disorders such as trauma. It boasts of its core values, including diversity, balance, service, and honesty as the triggers for its development.

The program

The Sunrise Native American Rehab Center programs provide the patients with evidence-based treatment, including abstinence from addictive substances plans and other therapeutic modalities that reconnect them with their culture. This approach offers every patient an individualized treatment plan which weaves their traditions and cultures into a proven, evidence-based approach to healing from substance abuse, such as structured sober living and other co-occurring activities.

The structured sober living process involves 3 to 6 months of comfortable housing and delicious meals that help the patients entirely focus on their healing and recovery. A team of master-level therapists is assigned to each patient throughout this time. The responsibilities of those master-level therapists include:

  1. Monitoring the patients and ensuring general well-being throughout the night.
  2. Monitoring, educating, and assisting the patients in the performance of daily therapeutic activities as per the problematic areas identified on each patient’s treatment plan.
  3. Addressing patient conflicts and crisis management issues that arise in the facility.

Sunrise Native Recovery Centre offers services like:

  1. Individual group therapies.
  2. Structured sober living.
  3. Sober events activities.
  4. Case management services.
  5. Safe and reliable transportation.
  6. Psychiatric care and medical services.
  7. Nutrition and Health Education.
  8. Physical activities like yoga and gym.
  9. Native art and music therapy.
  10. Life skills and resume building.
  11. Family healing and Group sessions.
  12. Spiritual and cultural practices.

How to be admitted into Sunrise Native recovery center

Since the facility understands how hard it is for patients with drug and substance abuse and other disorders to seek help, they have made admission into the facility easy. This admission process involves the following steps.

Step 1. Confidential assessment

This process involves speaking to an admission specialist who asks assessment questions to understand better what you’re struggling with.

Step 2. Insurance verification

This process takes a few minutes, and it involves checking your insurance credentials to determine you qualify for our services. Its key to note that we accept American Indian Health Plan {AIHP), AHCCCS, medical insurance, and private payments.

Step 3. Schedule intake

Once you’re verified and feel comfortable with our treatment, the patient’s arrival time is scheduled, which includes scheduling for the patient to avail themselves, or a means of transport is sent to pick up and escort you to the facility.


The goal of this facility is to reach out to anyone that needs help; therefore, an admission team has been set up at the center to reach out and make contact with patients and other treatment providers to ensure every person with a need for treatment receives it. Nevertheless, even though some don’t qualify for the program, the admission team refers the right people for help.

Story by Cyndy Lane

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