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Haresh Daswani | The business of terrorism

For those who have not gone through the dossier that was presented about the Mumbai attacks, the observations on how organized and well-funded these organizations are well-established. There are many major groups who are funding around $4 billion in terrorist acts for camps in Pakistan. Imagine if this amount was used for good; the country would not need to suffer so much. These terrorist camps are complete and well-equipped, with strategists, trainers from the military and equipment sourcing. Many of these camps are very well-organized indeed.

Why and who would want to terrorize purely in the name of extremist religion? It is highly unlikely that all these terrorist motives are purely for religious ideals, but deep within these terrorist acts lie a deeper, dirtier secret. Countries within anarchy and complete chaos have no laws to live on. It would be easier to handle larger illegal drug and military operations, aside from kidnapping, in earning very well. While terror camps profess the supposed “nobility” of their cause to their gullible public, their deeper and more profitable illegal operations thrive even further.

Terrorism has become a very good cloud that causes tension. Terrorism has also given certain governments key advantage in the field of politics, as people who live in fear cannot think straight, and will not ask too many questions. Terrorism and mafia are no different from each other; this is the hidden reality.

What is further worsened is the fact that divisions are further caused for the advantage of the few. These divisions cause further terror, a ripple effect that spreads down to the public, causing countless violence due to propaganda. For the sake of materialism, these people have stooped lower than anything to get what they feel they want. They are slaves to inanimate desirables, which would be very pathetic.

But terrorism does not have to just be one-sided. Media propaganda also contributes in creating a one-sided information, causing hate. Human division has always been most effective in controlling the masses, evidence lies on what happens when everyone unites as one.

Better education, and stronger implementation of human rights, will win the hearts and minds of the innocent civilians. Through proper example, we can stop these terrorists from recruiting more into their camps. For peace to start, we have to see and understand the general plight, and understand what has to be done to prevent further contamination of extremist ideals to the public.


Column by Haresh Daswani

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