Five books that can inspire a student to write an essay

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It is the truth that most children are born as storytellers and they know how to create magic with their words. They just need a little help to polish their writing skills and a bit of exposure. Some books for young writers can inspire them and act as a writing tool. It also gives them enthusiasm, and they can take notes to improve their essays, poems, scripts and a lot more. If you are also evolving as a writer, then you need to refer to some best books for writing, which will add value to your writing style.

While some are good with the writing process from their birth, some also find it really hard to enter in this field and ask online service professionals, “who can write my essay for me?”. Even writing a single essay seems like a big and difficult task and students often pay someone to complete the task. If it seems hard initially, then it’s better to ask someone to do my essay for me rather than going through mental pressure. Everything can be learned with time and practice and one day, you’ll be confident enough to trust your abilities and proudly say that I can write my paper. Below mentioned is a list of books that inspire students to write better.

Five Books That Can Inspire Students

Oxford A-Z of Grammar and Punctuation – John Seely

While producing good essay writing, the important thing to consider is the grammar and it needs to be clear and correct. While taking English classes, we realize that grammar can sometimes be confusing and unintuitive. For clear and easy to understand grammar, Oxford A-Z of Grammar and Punctuation book is highly recommended to polish your skills. Whether you are writing a professional piece, school essay or something creative for yourself, grammar always has to be on point.

How to Write an Essay in Five Easy Steps – Inklyo

Are you trying to polish your essay writing skills? Time to time you ask for guidelines from experts but still end up with some confusion. You need something simple yet worthy to invest your time with. This book by Inklyo is the recommended essay writing book to start with. It covers all the basic guidelines which one needs to know to ace writing. This step by step guide helps you to minimize your writing anxiety and also share some tips to keep work organized and meet deadlines.

A Professor’s Guide to Writing Essays: The No-Nonsense Plan for Better Writing – Dr. Jacob Neumann

Dr. Neumann believes in being straightforward and how to be always right on point. He believes essay writing is critical and one needs to understand the basics. He also says that the approach to every essay is different, and the length and complexity of the essay changes with the nature of the project. This book is for all students whether you are in school, college or university, you should have good writing skills and you should be best at what you write.

Anyone reading this book, you will love the clear and concise instructions beautifully put together. Once you follow the information shared in this book, you’ll be able to complete your essays and assignments in an efficient manner.

The Art of the Personal Essay: An Anthology from the Classical Era to the Present – Phillip Lopate

To be a better writer, it is mandatory to develop reading habits. The more you will read the work of other people, the more it will help you to create your own and that too of superior quality. Reading helps to develop ideas and unique style and once we gain insight of other writers’ minds and lives, we can grow as a better version of ourselves.

The Art of the Personal Essay is a mesmerizing collection of essays ranging from old to new pieces. Just read along and absorb all the creativity, entertainment and reflectiveness this masterpiece has to offer.

A perfect way to take inspiration for your upcoming project!

100 Ways to Improve Your Writing – Gary Provost

This book is quite old but still, it can compete with some amazing pieces which can inspire anyone to write well. Students who are mending their way with better writing skills need to add this book to their list. This easy to use guidebook will help you outgrow your previous version and you’ll be your own critique.

100 Ways to Improve Your Writing not only include writing tips but also has samples that can motivate anyone to write. Read through it and feel inspired.

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