Farm Bureau website following ag aspects of presidential race

2016 presidentExcept for ethanol subsidies, the national news media didn’t focus on farm issues in the run-up to the Iowa caucus on Feb. 1. The American Farm Bureau Federation has created a website,, for anyone who wants to follow what presidential candidates are saying to attract the farm vote.

But Farm Bureau’s top priority policies frequently cross over into areas of consumer interest as well.

“We touch on issues that are important to farmers and ranchers, but those issues go way beyond the farm gate,” said Cody Lyon, AFBF director of advocacy and political affairs. “Biotechnology, consumer choice, clean water, energy, food safety, trade—consumers … may see a lot of small indirect impacts on their lives.”

While candidates have not spent a lot of time talking about farm policy so far, Lyon said he expects that to change as the field narrows.

“The candidates spent a lot of time in Iowa, so they spent a lot of time talking about issues important to Iowa agriculture, like ethanol. Now that the (Iowa) caucus is over I expect to see a lot more discussion on regulatory reform, on biotechnology and trade issues,” he said.

“We really expect interest in this site to pick up, especially as the primaries start coming fast and furious. We will keep every viewer updated on what’s happening and how it could impact their everyday lives” whether they farm for a living or have an interest in food issues.

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