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Falsely accused of something serious: Tips to protect yourself, recover in the eyes of the public

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Nearly everyone has been blamed for something that they had no part in whether it was during school or a boss blaming everyone else for their poor project management. Being accused of something that could take away your freedom is far different as this is not something that should be taken lightly. Jail time for something that you did not do is something that is a reality for a percentage of the prison population. The wrong steps can lead to this situation worsening so a proactive approach could mean your freedom. The following are tips to protect yourself and recover in the public eye when falsely accused of a serious crime.

Find The Right Attorney

Believe it or not, there have been people falsely accused of murder that have not gotten a professional like a murder defense attorney at Dattan Law to help them. The right attorney not only will help save your reputation by getting a trial result of not guilty or having the case thrown out early. False accusations are becoming more prevalent but luckily so are smartphones/video technology. There have been plenty of cases where video evidence absolved a person where in the past they could have been charged with the crime. Taking a chance with your freedom is not worth it just to save a bit of money.

Online Reputation Management Might Be Necessary

The first thing that many people that meet a person do is Google them and this happens in both professional/personal situations. The first search result being an article about accusations is off-putting to say the least. Enlisting the help of freelancers or a company that can help drive these search results down might be a necessity. A doctor accused of something heinous that still wants to practice needs this to happen in order to start reforming a patient-base as many people would switch doctors immediately if this type of accusation is made.

Delete Your Social Media

Disconnecting your social media for the time being is going to be very important. The last thing you want is a barrage of hateful people messaging you for something you know you were not responsible for. The chances of you lashing out at one of these people tarnishing your name is just going to add fuel to the fire. People do not wait for people to be shown to be innocent which can be blamed on the media reporting things before all facts come to light. Very old posts are often dug up once a person has done something wrong which can be damaging to a reputation. People posted things on social media a decade ago they would have never done if they had known their jobs, the public, or their families would see.

Let It Die Down Instead Of Constantly Proclaiming Your Innocence

The one thing that plenty of people that are falsely accused should do is to lay low. If you have been cleared criminally it is now the perfect situation to let the entire situation fade from people’s memories. If you continually mention this or go on a PR campaign this will just keep the entire issues in the minds of the public. Celebrities that are accused that keep bringing up how innocent they are look guilty regardless if there is proof otherwise. The media wants a story so any mention of a hot topic could get picked up so try to move on with your life.

A false accusation can be devastating but there is no time to grovel as you need to be proactive. The faster it is resolved the better as the longer these situations go on, the more attention they will receive.

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