Democrat April Moore to announce candidacy for 26th Senate seatt

april mooreApril Moore will formally announce her candidacy for the State Senate seat presently held by Mark Obenshain on Tuesday in Harrisonburg.

“I promise my announcement of my candidacy will be hard-hitting and to the point,” said Moore, “because Mark Obenshain is on the wrong side of the three issues that will determine most what kind of Virginia, what kind of America, and what kind of planet we will hand on to our children and grandchildren.”

Moore is running in the hope of uniting the people of this district—liberals and conservatives alike—to protect our precious heritage against the corrupting influences on display in Richmond.

“We’re supposed to have a government for and by the people,” says Moore. “But Mr. Obenshain and his allies have been sacrificing the people of Virginia today and the prospects for our grandchildren tomorrow.”

augusta free press

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