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Sen. Mark Obenshain proposes truck toll study for I-81

Senator Mark Obenshain (R-Rockingham) filed a bill Friday directing the Commonwealth Transportation Board, along with the Office of Intermodal Planning and Investment, to study the feasibility of utilizing truck tolls to fund transportation infrastructure projects along Interstate 81.

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Obenshain comments on veto of charter schools bill

Sen. Mark Obenshain expressed disappointment that efforts to expand charter schools in Virginia have hit another roadblock.

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Obenshain comments on governor’s action on civil rights restoration

Senator Mark Obenshain issued a statement in response to the Governor’s action to restore the civil rights of over 200,000 convicted felons.

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Mark Obenshain statement on failure of charter school expansion in Senate

Senator Mark Obenshain issued the following statement today in response to the failure of the Senate of Virginia pass the charter school constitutional amendment.

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Farmers back bill that clarifies landowner rights in eminent domain cases

The state’s largest farmers’ advocacy organization is backing a bill ithat spells out landowner rights when property is damaged in activities related to eminent domain.

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Mark Obenshain: General Assembly update

Last Wednesday, on the coldest day in Richmond of the very New Year, the General Assembly began its 2016 session.

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Right to work constitutional amendment reported to Senate floor

The Virginia Senate Privileges and Elections Committee voted on Tuesday to report a resolution from Senator Mark Obenshain to insert Right to Work into the Virginia Constitution.

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Republicans sweep local legislative races: Maintain control of House, Senate

Republicans Dickie Bell, Ben Cline and Steve Landes easily won re-election to the Virginia House of Delegates, and State Sen. Mark Obenshain won re-election to the State Senate in a landslide.

Podcast: 26th District Senate Democrat April Moore talks Nov. 3 election

The Chris Graham Show features an interview with April Moore, the Democratic Party nominee in the 26th Senate District, challenging incumbent Republican Sen. Mark Obenshain. Chris and April discuss her final message to voters on the eve of the Nov. 3 general election.

Ed Gillespie confirms plans to run for governor in 2017

Ed Gillespie confirmed in an email to The Washington Post on Friday that he plans to run for governor in 2017.

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Mark Obenshain not running for governor in 2017

Mark Obenshain isn’t “going anywhere,” but he’s also not running for governor. The Harrisonburg state senator confirmed via Twitter reports from earlier in the day on Monday that he will not be running for governor in 2017.

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Virginia Citizens Defense League releases pro-gun ratings

The Virginia Citizens Defense League released its General Assembly candidate ratings this week. 20th House District Libertarian candidate Will Hammer was given a “very pro-gun” rating, which is the highest the organization rewards candidates.

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Veteran Virginia Republican campaign consultant Chris Leavitt has been tapped to lead Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s Virginia presidential campaign effort.

Veteran Virginia Republican campaign consultant Chris Leavitt has been tapped to lead Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s Virginia presidential campaign effort.

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Mark Obenshain: Photo ID is under attack

On Friday, a motion to intervene was filed on my behalf asking a United States District Court to add me as a defendant in litigation filed by Democrats challenging the constitutionality of Virginia’s voter identification law.

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Andy Schmookler: Is Mark Obenshain Virginia’s Scott Walker?

Months ago, when I publicly characterized the Virginia state senator from my district as “the man who would be Virginia’s Scott Walker,” I had no idea that there was or would be any direct connection between those two politicians.

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Mark Obenshain: I’m with Scott Walker

America needs conservative leadership. Scott Walker is a reform-minded leader with the executive experience to allow him to transform the way Washington works.

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Mark Obenshain: Agriculture under attack?

I recently attended a regional meeting of the Virginia Association of Counties (VACO) where local county officials and legislators talked about the regional economy and about agriculture being the lifeblood of the Shenandoah Valley region.

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Mark Obenshain: The triumph of liberty over oppression

Independence Day is more than just a celebration of the birth of our nation, but rather a commemoration of the triumph of liberty over oppression thanks to the selfless acts of bravery by courageous men and women who sought a new form of government that would allow individuals to flourish and prosper in a free society.

State Senate candidate April Moore comments on Supreme Court decision on redistricting

April Moore, the Democratic Party nominee for Virginia State Senate in the 26th District, celebrated the decision of the United States Supreme Court yesterday upholding the constitutionality of commissions created to fight gerrymandering.

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Mark Obenshain: Political motivations behind Democrats voter ID suit

Yesterday, Virginia Democrats filed suit to overturn the Commonwealth’s voter ID law. It’s a law backed by 70% of Americans, supported by every demographic group, and it even enjoys 60% approval among Democrats.

ALEC’s threatened SLAPP suit against the LCV: Another part of the assault on our democracy

Some thoughts about the press release that my wife, April Moore, put out earlier this week. In it, she challenged her opponent – Virginia State Senator (and apparent would-be-Virginia’s Scott Walker), Mark Obenshain – to condemn the suit threatened by corporate powerhouse ALEC against the League of Conservation Voters.

April Moore: Baseless? Show me

I have said that Mark Obenshain has been serving Big Money – like Dominion Power, and the other big corporations behind the lobbying organization called ALEC (the American Legislative Exchange Council) – rather than the citizens he’s been elected to represent. Mr. Obenshain has called my charges ‘baseless,’ without ever responding to the substance.

Podcast: Virginia politics with 26th District Senate candidate April Moore

CGI host Chris Graham talks politics with April Moore, the Democratic Party nominee in the 26th Senate District. Moore is challenging Harrisonburg Sen. Mark Obenshain in the November general election.

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Virginia enacts first sex trafficking law

The Kids Are Not For Sale in Virginia Coalition held a joint press conference on Wednesday with Delegate Tim Hugo and Senator Mark Obenshain in Richmond to officially announce the enactment of HB 1964 and SB 1188, establishing Virginia’s first standalone sex trafficking law.

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Mark Obenshain: Do you feel overtaxed? You should

As if we needed further proof that taxes are too high, a recent study from the Tax Foundation found that left-leaning states like Vermont and Oregon have less burdensome tax structures than the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Video: April Moore announces 26th Senate District candidacy

Video of Democrat April Moore announcing her candidacy for the Virginia Senate seat now held by Mark Obenshain.

Democrat April Moore announces candidacy for 26th Senate District seat

Writer, activist, retired teacher and new grandmother April Moore is now also State Senate candidate April Moore. “Not at all long ago, I’d have been astonished to think I’d be here announcing my candidacy for public office. But here I am,” said Moore, who formally announced her candidacy for the 26th Senate District seat currently held by Republican Mark Obenshain.

Democrat April Moore to announce candidacy for 26th Senate seatt

April Moore will formally announce her candidacy for the State Senate seat presently held by Mark Obenshain on Tuesday in Harrisonburg.

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Mark Obenshain: 2015 General Assembly session review

The 2015 edition of the Virginia General Assembly came to end a day earlier than expected, with the Senate and House both adjourning Sine Die late Friday evening.

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Mark Obenshain: A safer Virginia

As the 2015 Virginia General Assembly session comes to an end, I want to applaud my colleagues for the historic passage today of SB 1188, my legislation which creates the first ever standalone sex trafficking statute in Virginia.

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Mark Obenshain: I’m running

I am pleased to announce that I am running for re-election to the Virginia Senate. For the past 12 years I have had the privilege of representing the Central Shenandoah Valley in the Virginia State Senate.

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Mark Obenshain: Historic day for charter schools

Wednesday was an historic day for education reform in Virginia, as the Senate passed my resolution that could result in a constitutional amendment, giving charter schools a chance to succeed in Virginia.

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Senate passes top-down charter school amendment on party-line vote

The Senate voted 21-17 along party lines on Wednesday to approve Sen. Mark Obenshain’s (R – Rockingham) SJ 256, a constitutional amendment that would allow the State Board of Education, subject to guidelines set by the General Assembly, to establish charter schools anywhere in the Commonwealth — with or without the approval of communities and local school boards.

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Mark Obenshain: Quick update from Richmond

It’s hard to believe that we are already in the fourth week of the General Assembly session. Hundreds of bills are making their way through Senate committees in Richmond, as “crossover day” approaches.

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Mark Obenshain: 2015 General Assembly session under way

With week two of the 2015 General Assembly session underway, I would like to provide a quick recap of all that happened in week one.

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Mark Obenshain: The governor is at it again

Last night, both chambers of the General Assembly convened with other government leaders to hear the Governor deliver the annual “State of the Commonwealth” address.

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Mark Obenshain: Ed Gillespie ran a strong campaign

Shortly after noon today Ed Gillespie told supporters that while close, the margin in his race for the United States Senate is not quite close enough.

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Tooclosetocall? Seriously? It’s over, Mark Warner won already

There is one precinct left to count of the 2,557 spread across Virginia, the University Hall precinct in Albemarle County, and Mark Warner has a 16,540-vote lead over Ed Gillespie.

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Winners and Losers Special Edition: Toocloseforcomfort U.S. Senate race

WINNER: Ed Gillespie OK, he lost, sure. But we expected him to lose. Just not by 18,000 votes. (Maybe 18 points, but not 18,000 votes.) Now Gillespie is the odds-on favorite to be the Republican nominee for governor in 2017.

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Mark Obenshain: Four Pinocchios for the Washington Post on voter ID

We live in the age of the fact checkers. There’s PolitiFact, FactCheck.org, and of course the Washington Post’s “Fact Checker.” But when the media itself gets it wrong, who will fact check the fact checkers?

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Mark Obenshain: Why McAuliffe can’t expand Medicaid

Governor McAuliffe has been looking for a way to expand Medicaid over the objections of many in the General Assembly, and the legislature has stood firm in opposition.

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Mark Obenshain: Renewing our commitment to liberty, freedom

On this day, let us set our sights on those ideals that set America apart in the world. Freedom. Liberty. Justice. Let us as Americans continue to fight for these principles, even—especially—in the face of new and frightening threats.

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Mark Obenshain: Wait, what? Voter fraud?

Democrats are alleging massive voter fraud … wait, what? Coming from the party that routinely denies any possibility of voter fraud, Richmond Democrats’ new-found obsession with the issue is highly entertaining.

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Mark Obenshain: Attorney General Mark Herring goes after voter ID

When Mark Herring and I faced off in last year’s election, one of his common refrains was that he would “take the politics out of the AG’s office.” And who could object to that?

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Mark Obenshain: Passing a budget – finally

The General Assembly passed budget – finally! It’s coming about three months late, but the General Assembly just adopted a budget this evening.