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Brian Moran | Standing behind the ticket

While the primary didn’t turn out the way we would have liked, we gave it everything we had. We have a strong Democratic ticket that I’ll be supporting this November. I know I’ll be working hard to make sure we win the three top positions and gaining those last delegate seats we need for a majority. Now, I’m asking you for two more favors, both are very simple. 

Although staff and volunteers have picked up most of the “Moran for Governor” signs, they might have missed a few. Please be good a neighbor to your fellow Virginians and pick up any errant “Moran for Governor” signs that may still be lurking about. If you see one in your neighborhood, please pick it up and recycle what you can. If everyone pitches in, we’ll have the last few signs picked up in no time at all.

The second favor is for you to support our Democratic ticket. We need to keep moving the Commonwealth forward and I know these candidates will fight hard for Virginia’s families. We’re coming upon the end of the quarter and these nominees need to show strength against their opponents. Please chip in what you can at this ActBlue page I set up . I encourage you to not only contribute to the top of the ticket but also help get us those last Delegate seats we need. If you can’t contribute money but can contribute time, I encourage you to volunteer to make sure these great Democrats are elected.

Thanks again for standing by my side this past year, and I hope you will stand by the nominees’ sides come this November.


Brian Moran was a candidate for the 2009 Democratic Party gubernatorial nomination.