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American Conservative Union endorses Allen

The American Conservative Union today endorsed George Allen for U.S. Senate, citing his extensive record of conservative leadership for fiscal responsibility, government transparency and accountability, and pro-life policies.

The ACU is America’s oldest and largest grassroots conservative organization, providing conservative policy positions to government, the media and the public and issuing ratings on voting records in Congress.

“It is an honor to receive the important endorsement of the American Conservative Union, the leading voice of America’s conservative principles,” said Allen.  “I’m proud to stand for proven, conservative solutions that hold government accountable, reduce taxes and burdensome regulations on families and job-creating businesses, unleash our American energy resources, and free our economy to grow and create jobs.

“This election will determine whether future generations will have the same opportunities to achieve the American Dream as we had growing up. I believe that our country’s foundational principles of freedom, personal responsibility and opportunity for all will reinvigorate the entrepreneurial spirit of our country with pro- job growth competitive economic, productive energy and empowering education policies. Let’s join together to send a positive message to the world that ‘America is Open for Business Again.’”

The campaign of Democrat Tim Kaine responded to the ACU endorsement.

“George Allen promised Virginians he’d balance the budget – instead, he took our country from record surplus to record deficit,” said Kaine for Virginia Communications Director Brandi Hoffine. “George Allen promised Virginians his policies would ‘eliminate’ the national debt — instead, they added $3 trillion in debt over six years and trillions more in the years after.  Now, as George Allen runs for re-election, he is promising the same fiscally reckless agenda that helped create our economic mess.

“Of course Washington insider George Allen thinks a stamp of approval from a D.C. political organization will make-up for the damage he’s done, but for Virginians who are struggling in the aftermath of his fiscally reckless Senate term, it’s as meaningless as his repeated promises of fiscal responsibility,” Hoffine said.

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