Waynesboro woman convicted in school incident

A Waynesboro woman arrested for causing a disturbance at Kate Collins Middle School, 1625 Ivy Street, last fall was convicted yesterday in Waynesboro General District Court.

Lucretia Marie Williams, 29 years old, faced a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct stemming from the October 20, 2016 incident.  On that date,  she stormed into an 8th grade classroom and cursed the teacher.  The classroom was full of students at the time.  Williams’ disruption of the classroom and prompted the school’s resource officer to escort her from the building.  She was later charged with disorderly conduct. At the time, Williams said she was upset for how her child was disciplined by the school.

As a result of her conviction, the court gave Williams a jail sentence of 180 days with 120 days suspended and ordered her to pay court costs.  In addition to the disorderly conduct conviction, Williams was given a ten day jail sentence on a show cause/failure to appear for court conviction connected with the original charge.

“Any person who enters a school in our city intent on threatening school staff and terrifying students, as this individual was proven to have done, will face similar severe consequences for their actions. The fact that this was a parent of a student, who should be setting the example of good behavior for children, makes this particular case much more egregious.  The Waynesboro Police Department has always made the safety of our students and school staff a priority and will continue to work with the Commonwealth’s Attorney Office to prosecute any future offenders.”