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Staunton Parks & Recreation teams with hOUR Economy

Starting in January 2014, Staunton Parks and Recreation is teaming with hOUR Economy to provide classes through a pre-established hours exchange system. Participants may pay for classes in this brochure section using hOURs they’ve accumulated through the hOUR economy timebank, or they can choose to pay in dollars.

staunton2editsWhat is this timebank? The online timebank, launched in 2012, allows members to share their talents with others in the community, and thereby earn “hOURs” that are recorded in the online timebank. In exchange, they can use their hOURs to purchase gardening assistance, cooking classes, business services, wellness care, pet sitting, bike repair and other local services…which now include recreational and leisure programs.

In hOUR Economy, everyone’s hOURs are treated equally, and everyone’s contribution is valued. In the hOUR Economy section of Staunton Parks & Recreation’s Spring Brochure, in lieu of cash payment for the class, an individual would sign up as a timebank member (houreconomy.org) and pay the instructor directly, in hOURs. This could be their starting point and introduce them to the timebank process, and how it works. Upon registering as a new participant of the timebank, everyone receives a complimentary 3 hours to get started. The overall goal of this brochure section is two-fold. By providing classes through the timebank, we hope to further encourage consistent participation in the hOUR Economy, and Parks and Recreation is able to offer classes at no-monetary cost to members of the Staunton community.

The hOUR Economy was initially catalyzed by the great minds at Staunton Creative Community Fund. They remain the sponsoring organization with a group of local volunteers overseeing the project.

Still not sure what the hOUR economy is all about? Come to the free hOUR Economy 101 class for an overview and information session with Staunton Creative Community Fund and Parks & Rec. Class will be held in the conference room atMontgomery Hall from 6pm-7pm on January 30.

Press release written by Claire Richardson of Staunton Parks & Recreation, with information from the hOUR economy website. Special thanks to Meghan Williamson & SCCF for assistance throughout the collaboration process.

hOUR Economy classes are listed below:

hOUR Economy 101

What is h(OUR) Economy? How does it work? Come join us for this information session where we will go over everything from signing up to using your hOURs to pay for classes and much more! h(OUR) Economy is working to build a community where we make the most of the richest resources around – each other! Join us and start earning and spending your hours right away! Speakers: Staunton Creative Community Fund and Claire Richardson of Parks & Rec #4034 Montgomery Hall Park Conference room, 6pm-7pm, January 30. Fr ee! But please call Parks & Recreation to let us know you ar e coming: (540)332-3945

Yoga & Breath of Life Workshop

Deepen your breath, deepen your Yoga practice, deepen your life. This workshop will focus on bringing breath-awareness into the asanas (physical postures) of Yoga, then lead into an extended pranayama (breath exercises) practice. The Breath of Life practice is a series of seven pranayama techniques that will energize your subtle nerve channels, cleanse the body & mind, and can facilitate opening the Crown Chakra. All levels welcome. Dress for movement, bring water and a mat if available. Instructor: Elle d’Orado. #4035 MHPA 6pm-8pm, February 8. Price: $25 or 2 hOURs through the hOUR Economy. Register by:January 31

Iodine and Robust Health

Iodine is usually associated with sterilizing wounds. But it plays an integral part in the functioning of every single cell of the body, especially the thyroid! If we don’t get enough, things fall apart… Come learn why iodized salt is not enough, how a scientific scandal stole iodine away as a powerful medicine and how to supplement with iodine safely. Instructor: Anne Buzzelli of Buzz Nutrition. #4036 MHPC 6pm-8pm on January 27. Price: $15 or 2 hOURs through the hOUR Economy. Register by:January 20

The Heart is not a Pump!

What is the heart for? You’ll be surprised the answer is NOT “to pump blood.” Really! So, then what does pump our blood? And what’s does the heart actually do? This intriguing true tale of the heart will include implications for heart health, nutrition and even spirituality. Instructor: Anne Buzzelli of Buzz Nutrition. #4037 MHPC 6pm-8pm on February 17. Price: $15 or 2 hOURS through the hOUR Economy. Register by: February 10

How to make Shrub

What is Shrub? An acidulated beverage, once a standard way of preserving fruit before refrigeration has been regaining popularity among foodies in the past couple of years as a cocktail ingredient or an addition to sparkling water. Find out what al l the fuss is about (and how easy shrubs are to make!) Instructor: Courtney Cranor. #4038 MHPA 6pm-7:30pm on April 24. Price: 1.5 hOURS through the hOUR Economy. Register by: April 17


For just pennies, you can learn how to make this health tonic yourself at home. Kombucha, believed to have originated in china long ago, is known for being a nutritious, energizing, and refreshing fermented tonic as wel l as having many health benefits. We’ll touch on the health benefits of culturing veggies and sprouting from seeds too. Participants will receive a Kombucha starter, seed sprouting kit and complete instructions to take home. Pay instructor supply fee of $15 at time of class. Class location provided upon registration. Instructor: Gerri Carrillo.

Please choose from one of the following date options: 5:30pm, January 8, February 5, March 5, April 2. Price: $17 or 1 hour through the hOUR Economy. If paying with hOURs, please call Staunton Parks & Rec to let us know you are coming to the class (540) 332-3945.

Vermicomposting (Worm Farming)

Don’t throw it away! Turn those kitchen scraps, (and some other surprising things) into a nutritious soil amendment for growing healthier plants. A byproduct of worm compost is the tea or “Black Gold “, a natural fertilizer filled with nutrition and other “live” goodness. Worm Farming is an accelerated composting process that is fun, easy to do and a great way to up-cycle items that might otherwise be thrown away. In this class, you’ll learn how to start and maintain a worm farm at home using simple items fr om around the house or by using a commercial wormery. Class location provided upon registration. Instructor: Gerri Carrillo.

Please choose from one of the following date options: 11am, January 11, February 8, March 8. Price: $17 or 1 hOUR through the hOUR Economy. If paying with hOURs, please call Staunton Parks & Rec to let us know you are coming to the class(540) 332-3945.

Rain Barrels, How to Convert a Barrel into a Rain Barrel

You’ve been thinking about doing it for years, right? But commercial rain barrels can be expensive or maybe you just want to do it yourself. Collecting your own rain water saves you money, conserves water and is great for plants because it’s rich in the nitrogen they need to grow healthy. In this class you’ll learn what tools you’ll need as well as which fixtures are best for the application. If you have a food grade or better barrel you’d like to convert you are welcome to bring it to convert during class. If bringing your own barrel, pay instructor supply fee of $23 at time of class. Class location provided upon registration. Instructor: Gerri Carrillo.

Please choose from one of the following date options: 11am, February 22 or March 22. Price: $17 or 1 hOUR through the hOUR Economy. If paying with hOURs, please call Staunton Parks & Rec to let us know you are coming to the class (332-3945).

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