McAuliffe approves reforms to anti-drunk driving ignition interlock program

virginiaGovernor Terry McAuliffe today approved a regulatory package developed by the Commission on Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program (VASAP) to strengthen Virginia’s anti-drunk driving ignition interlock program, which has prevented thousands of drunk drivers from operating vehicles on Virginia’s highways.

“Keeping families safe from predictable tragedies like drunk driving accidents is the most important function of government,” said Governor McAuliffe. “This regulatory package will make our interlock program even stronger and make it even more difficult for individuals who are required to use these devices to get behind the wheel while intoxicated.”

The new rules will require all ignition interlocks to be equipped with cameras, which will greatly improve enforcement by showing evidence of any person who gets another person to complete the breathalyzer. The regulations also revise the timeframes during which motorists must complete “rolling retests” to further prevent those required to have an interlock device from bypassing the tests. Additionally, the regulations will create testing requirements on those permitted to install interlock systems to boost knowledge of and compliance with Virginia laws and regulations.

“We commend the Governor for approving these regulatory changes. The Commission on VASAP worked closely with stakeholders throughout Virginia to strengthen and update this program, which will prevent drunk drivers from getting on the roads in Virginia,” explained Angela Coleman, the Executive Director of VASAP.A number of industry experts were consulted on the regulatory package. One of the leading providers of interlock devices stated “ALCOLOCK VA is pleased to support these new road safety initiatives of VASAP and to provide the world class ignition interlock program that continues to protect the good citizens of Virginia.”

With the Governor’s approval, these regulations will proceed to final publication in the Virginia Register, after which the changes will become effective. To learn more about this regulation and the regulatory process in Virginia, please visit, Virginia’s portal for citizens to participate in the regulatory process.