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You can find CBD almost everywhere in Georgia: So why the stigma?

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The biggest threat to free CBD access is the hemp and cannabis stigma that still pervades many cultures around the world. This continued stigma is understandable, as the Cannabis sativa L. plant has been prohibited since 1937. Today, very few people are alive who remember a time before cannabis prohibition, so it will take time for hemp to re-integrate into our society.

Georgia CBD Oil Law

Wondering where to buy CBD oil in Georgia? Luckily, there are local shops dedicated to the sale of CBD, health food stores offering these products, online distributors shipping across the state, and even homegrown Georgia restaurants that infuse their dishes with premium cannabidiol. However, all of these distributors are operating in a legal grey area that can be risky for distributors.

The FDA is allowing CBD companies to thrive across the US, including in Georgia. However, the sale of CBD cannot be associated with claims of health benefits, or and these hemp items can not be labeled as a dietary supplement. Right away, you can see how restaurants offering CBD dishes conflict with these restrictions.

Nancy Nydam, a spokeswoman for the Georgia Department of Public Health, stated that their inspectors are instructed to ask restaurants about the use of unapproved food ingredients such as CBD. This means that venues offering CBD edibles to Georgia citizens need to evaluate their willingness to comply with state and federal regulators. In time, we may see CBD being used as a common culinary ingredient.

Recreational cannabis has not yet arrived in Georgia, so the citizens of the state may not be as familiar with the plant as other parts of the country are. As citizens realize that cannabis can be integrated into society safely and efficiently, the acceptance of CBD is sure to rise. Still, with the FDA sending out warning letters to manufacturers, and news of inconsistent CBD product labeling rolling in, it is easy to understand why Georgia citizens are nervous about shopping for CBD.

Clearing The Smoke

Another reason that CBD is still stigmatized in Georgia is that consumers and law enforcement do not understand the non-psychoactive nature of cannabidiol. These hemp-based CBD extracts are taken from industrial hemp. Industrial hemp is a variety of cannabis that features an inactive amount of THC, the intoxicating compound responsible for marijuana’s notorious buzz.

If the CBD used in an item was taken from an intoxicating variety of cannabis with large amounts of THC, then it is not a true cannabidiol oil. Before sale, proper CBD items are verified by third-party lab testing to ensure purity and potency. CBD infusions can provide a variety of hemp compounds, without the psychoactive nature of THC.

The 2014 Farm Bill, signed by former President Barack Obama, allowed for the sale of hemp-based products with under 0.3% THC content. This information has slowly reached mainstream awareness, teaching consumers and law enforcement alike that US citizens can freely and legally enjoy CBD.

Consumers should have no worries when purchasing cannabidiol. If you still do not want to go to a storefront and purchase your CBD, feel free to order your items online. Online CBD shopping allows consumers to take their time and research their chosen products. You will never need to provide additional identification before making your purchase, the packaging is discrete, and these CBD items can easily be enjoyed in the privacy of your own home.

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