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WWE Superstars: Fantasy Poker

Find out why professional wrestlers would survive at the poker table.

Picture-WWE-Logo-for-Wallpaper-DekstopWorld Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is an American entertainment firm that is privately controlled, publicly traded and chiefly deals with professional wrestling. The company also earns revenue from direct product sales, product licenses, music, and film. The wrestlers (known as “Superstars”) have entertained fans around the world with their storylines and unique characterizations (known as “gimmicks”). With all the personas that these individuals perform as, how would they fare in the world of poker?

Donnie Peters composed an interesting editorial at Pokernews about the desire for more characters in the game so that it becomes exciting and lively. This is the reason why the WWE Superstars and their gimmicks could easily invigorate the game.

Here are some examples of personas that would easily fit in to the world of poker:

Mick Foley
According to Dan Fitch of Betfair, the “Hardcore Legend” Michael Francis “Mick” Foley, Sr. has been on the injury list more times than any professional wrestler, even losing part of his ear mid-match. He is best known for falling from the top of the “Hell In A Cell” cage twice, and his 3 different personas: Dude Love, Mankind and Cactus Jack. If you were to face him at a poker table, he would be very hard to read, as he could switch between his characters at any given moment.

holdemTrish Stratus 
Patricia Anne Stratigias has appeared on television shows, was a fitness instructor and model, and wrestled in the WWE for a many years. Longtime fans who followed her storied wrestling career have witnessed her successfully managing a number of wrestlers and winning the WWE Women’s Championship and WWE Hardcore Championship belts. She may be retired from professional wrestling, but she is now the proprietor of a yoga studio. Imagine playing a poker game against this “Lady Luck”.

Santino Marella 
Anthony Carelli may be Canadian by birth, but he performs as the funny Italian wrestler who was able to capture the WWE Intercontinental title in his first match. Whether he was a “heel” (bad guy) or a “face” (good guy), he manages to make the audience laugh with his funny persona. A poker game will without doubt be extremely fun to watch with this character around.

The Undertaker 
Mark William Calaway is known as “The Phenom” of the WWE because of his supernatural gimmick. This American professional wrestler has never lost a match at the WWE’s main Pay-per-View event, Wrestlemania, and has captured the WWE and World Heavyweight title belts on a number of occasions. His persona would be ice cold, and you wouldn’t be able to read his facial expressions if you played poker against him since his “Dead Man” zombie poker face isn’t likely to giveaway much at the poker table.

If these characters show up at your nearest poker tournament, prepare yourself for an interesting game.

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