Why the legality of CBD substances is so confusing

It can be very confusing when you see that certain states have legalized marijuana related products, yet the federal government still considers cannabis to be a Schedule I product. It’s even more confusing when you realize that any item that is on the Schedule I list is considered to have absolutely no medicinal benefits. If you have read any literature on marijuana over the last several decades, it is clear that medical doctors, scientists, and even people that have been using marijuana attest to its many beneficial properties. Therefore, its presence on the Schedule I list is very confusing to most people. What is also confusing is whether or not you can purchase products like CBD oil. Let’s discuss why there is a confusion over this, and whether or not it will be legal for you to do so.

What Is CBD Oil?

This is a cannabinoid, one of over 100 that are in the cannabis plant. It is not psychoactive, unlike its counterpart THC which is why many people enjoy smoking marijuana. Despite its lack of psychoactive properties, it has all of the benefits of THC. In fact, all of the cannabinoids can provide beneficial properties for the human body and mind, and CBD is leading the charge with its overall popularity.

What Benefits Can You Get From Taking CBD Regularly?

There are so many benefits associated with CBD oil. You can vape CBD, or you can simply consume it orally. The oil is what is used to extract the cannabinoids, and it is completely safe. Most of the cannabinoid that is extracted, to avoid any contamination from THC to make it as legal as possible, will come from hemp instead of the marijuana plant. Some of the benefits will include an alleviation of anxiety, and those that take it for chronic pain have reported great benefits. You may suffer from fibromyalgia, or you may have arthritis, and CBD will allow you to experience less pain on a daily basis. One of the most outstanding findings by medical scientists is that cannabidiol is able to combat cancer. Not only can it prevent the spread of cancer, but it has actually been shown to reduce the size of cancer related tumors. These are just a few of the many benefits of this substance.

Why Is There A Question Regarding Its Legality?

Starting with the basics, if you are in a state where marijuana has been legally approved for recreational use, you can purchase this at any store that sells it. If you are ordering this online, and you are in a state where marijuana related products are legal, you can purchase this without any problem. In regard to marijuana, because it has THC, this is why it is related to the Schedule I ruling of the federal government. However, CBD does not contain THC, yet from a federal standpoint, it is still derived from a plant from the cannabis family, so at a federal level it is illegal.

How Do You Purchase This Without Worrying About This Federal Issue?

The easiest way to avoid any problems that may arise is to only purchase this product in a state where it is legal. It is preferable that you actually reside in the state where CBD is now a legal product. For example, you can go to a local co-op, many of which sell CBD oil regularly. When you make the purchase there, you have no worries at all as to whether or not you are doing something legal. However, if you reside in a state where marijuana has not been approved at the state level, then you could be facing charges if you are caught with either marijuana or CBD oil. By following these simple rules, you can easily get access to legal CBD oil that you can use without worrying about any federal penalties.

Is There The Potential For Changing Federal Laws On Marijuana Products?

There are many people that say that legalizing marijuana at a federal level is not a matter of science. It also has nothing to do with medicine or the benefits that it can provide. This is simply a political issue. People do not want to be known as those that were part of the party that legalize marijuana. Since this is a political issue, and certainly not one that is related to the actual product, we must wait for someone that will take action. That’s why there are so many groups that petition there senators, hoping that someone will have the gumption to move forward with legalizing this federally. However, it always comes down to Congress agreeing. Both the House and Senate must come to an agreement, and the President should also be on board with this process. Once that occurs, and it is changed, marijuana will be legal in every state because they have finally made the right decision.

How Long Will It Take For This To Happen?

We simply need to have congressional members that are willing to take action. We also need to have the president of the United States move forward with this idea. Once this occurs, it’s going to cause a ripple effect throughout the entire country. Of course, states that already have legal marijuana and CBD are not going to change it all. It’s the states where it will be legal, at a federal level, where you will see incredible changes. The mindsets of people will begin to change, and the amount of money that the state can make from the sale of cannabis related products will really change the landscape of how much money each state will have. It could create many beneficial changes, but it’s going to take some time as we wait for our congressional leaders to make this much needed decision.

This overview of the legality of CBD substances  from the Southern Institute should make sense to you now. Just remember to only purchase CBD oil in a state where it is legal. Preferably, you should be in a state where it is legal before you make the purchase, however many people do not abide by that rule. Even though these products at a federal level are still illegal, you have the benefit of state laws that now allow millions of people to take advantage of this beneficial product.

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