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Why it’s worth hiring a personal car and driver when traveling around a new country

You have worked hard to save for your upcoming journey. Great. It should be stress-free. Don’t let the hassle of driving yourself in a foreign land ruin your vacation. Plus, when traveling in a foreign land, it’s not easy to move from one point to another- there are traffic laws that can limit your movement. Remember, you are new in this place and you are not familiar with all the places. So, take your trip seriously and hire a driver to take you around for the following reasons.

International Driving Permit

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Any driver should obtain a driving license before driving on any road. Plus, if you are going to a foreign land, you need an international driving license. And this is where a private driver comes in. With a private driver, you have a competent person with all the skills and certifications to take you around. So, you’ll not worry about driving your car around or obtaining an international driving license.

Plus, your driving license may be invalid in certain countries. Remember, different countries have different traffic rules. So, don’t mess up your trip. Hire a private driver to take you around so that you can have a successful trip.

Insurance Coverage

Most states have compulsory auto insurance legislation that differs from those stipulated by other countries. And there are three common types of insurance, including:

  • Those that cover your liability to the respective rental car firm in case their vehicle gets damaged whilst in your possession.
  • Insurance that caters for your own safety and that of other car occupants
  • Insurance which covers your liability towards other car drivers in the event that you’re found culpable in an accident.

Nonetheless, this won’t guarantee your access to insurance services while abroad. Most auto American insurance companies cover for their clients’ abroad needs, but there are numerous loopholes in their insurance policies. So, be keen to consult with your insurance agent before undertaking any investment risks. Settle for an insurance firm that offers affordable, comprehensive, and reliable insurance services. Don’t allow yourself to wallow on the strands while you can hire a professional driver to help you out. Book your preferred car and watch out for an exciting travel experience. Plus, you’ll enjoy a diligent, transparent and reliable service. So, what are you still waiting for? Partner with a reputable car rental company and get instant help!

If possible, arrange a meeting with your insurance agent before heading for your trip and request them to contact your rental car agency abroad and ask them about the type of insurance coverage you’re expected to possess in the foreign country. But if you don’t trust your local auto insurer or rental Car Company, visit the embassy webpage and check for useful information on what’s required when traveling to a particular country.

Automatic or Standard Transmission?

An automatic transmission is a concept that has for long been overlooked. Most people around the globe find it hard renting a vehicle featuring automatic transmission. In North America, for instance, it’s estimated that only 20 percent of all drivers have the right expertise for driving manual transmission cars (‘stick shift’). If you’re planning to drive a stick shift in a country which drives on the opposite side of the road, you might want to utilize a simulator since any practice you’ll get with a right-hand stick shift will probably be ‘backwards’ whenever you step into the rental vehicle.

Culture and Driving Habits

Cultural values, like value for human life, attitudes regarding gender, as well as value for animal life can significantly impact how people drive around the world. In certain countries and states, women rarely drive cars; if you’re a lady, renting a vehicle in such countries, particularly the Middle East, you’ll be surprised at how people stare and honk at you. Besides, you might even get robbed repeatedly by some agents who don’t understand that you are exercising your freedom to get on the wheels on your own.

Of course, you may be courteous and disciplined in your driving, but in overpopulated areas, you may end up having terrible experiences. Most residents in such places tend to have a negative psyche and they generally drive recklessly. Remember, this is a no man’s island, so everyone does what their mind tells them, not what’s actually right.

You, the sensitive modern driver, might swerve to avoid bumping on small animals like rats, cats, or even squirrels skittering across the road, whilst other drivers won’t make any adjustments and don’t mind hitting the tiny four-legged creatures. Your swerving and braking might take them by surprise and result in prolonged horn-blasting and shouting.

It’s more likely that drivers in materialistic countries will be keener on the road but in places where space is at minimum, expect some drivers to come a few inches closer to your polished, rented fenders. And you don’t want this happening, right? So, why travel all alone when you can hire both a driver and a car? Make your journey an enjoyable one by getting the help of a professional driver.

Right-Side and Left-Side Driving

It’s normal to get used to driving on a particular side of the road and it becomes really difficult when you suddenly have to shift from one side or another. Most bordering countries around the world are used to driving on the opposite sides, prompting you to switch sides when you cross the border. For instance, Hong Kong utilizes the left side while mainland China utilizes the right side of the road. Thailand, on the other hand, drives on the left whereas all its neighbors drive on the right side. The South African countries also drive on the left, whereas the rest drive on the right. Britain also drives on the left while its closest neighbors drive on the right side. When going for a multi-country trip in such states, you may want to consider hiring a personal car with a driver since it may really find it difficult adjusting to the opposite side.

Traffic Citations

In most countries, traffic laws are generally enforced by live police officers who have the capacity to stop vehicles or issue citations as well as cameras that film violations. So, if you make a mistake, a citation will be issued and a fine will be mailed to your vehicle. The later is increasingly becoming popular in most developing countries.

Traffic tickets aren’t something you can escape from once you leave your country. Different countries have different laws regarding the handling of traffic desecrations committed by foreigners. Certain countries will demand you to pay an on-the-spot fine while others won’t allow you to leave until the issue is resolved. And this can really be embarrassing, especially now that you’re headed for your holiday trip.

If your car is cited by a camera, the rental company you’ve hired will be billed or they may opt to pursue civil action. In case the agency operates within your own country, they might be able to file a lawsuit in your country’s court system-and they may possibly charge a certain amount of interest on your fine.

So why risk while there are tons of professional drivers who can safely drive you around the world? Imagine being cited for something that’s unfair or nitpicky, yet you can’t do anything! Remember, in certain countries even the smallest debt is considered as a criminal offense. This might even lead to your arrest if you ever drive or set foot in that nation in the future.

Complex Maps

You are not going to stay in a foreign land forever, right? You have limited time to make yourself happy. So, why let the hassle of trying to look at the maps consume you? Plus, maps are confusing. So, the best thing is to hire a private driver who understands the area to take you around as you enjoy everything fro9m the back seat.

Enough Time To Mingle With Locals

With a local driver, you have an opportunity to mingle with the locals in that country. So, if you love immersing yourself with the local culture, then hiring a private driver can be the best option for you. A local driver will give you incredible ideas regarding cool things you can do, nice foods you can eat, as well as the best hotels to visit.

The Bottom Line

Planning to tour various destinations across the world but thinking of renting a personal car to drive yourself around? Well, it isn’t a bad idea but considering all the above aspects, it’s far better to hire a trusted personal driver.

Traveling in a foreign land isn’t always that easy. Its time consuming and extremely demanding. Things like licensing and locating maps can make your journey a nightmare. That’s why you should seriously consider hiring a private driver to take care of your journey. So, leave everything to a driver and enjoy your journey. Hire a private driver and make your foreign trip a memorable one.

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