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Who can file an asbestos or mesothelioma trust fund claim?

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Anyone who developed the rare type of cancer called mesothelioma can file a claim. Asbestos appears in so many products that it’s not necessary to prove specific asbestos exposure to qualify.

According to a post at, if you were diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer, you can apply at the National Mesothelioma Claims Center for treatment funds, ordinary living expenses, and compensation for your illness. Caused by breathing in the fibers of asbestos insulation, you might have encountered asbestos in any of hundreds of products, homes, and buildings. The Center administers a $30 billion trust fund to compensate victims of mesothelioma.

Filing a claim with the asbestos trust funds

The fastest way to receive compensation for mesothelioma is to file a claim at the Asbestos Trust Fund offices. The amount that you receive depends on your cancer severity, and claims are paid in the order in which they were received. You don’t have to sue or go through a prolonged lawsuit to receive compensation.  However, you have multiple options available.

Victims and survivors of mesothelioma victims

According to an article posted at, you can file a mesothelioma claim in one of three ways. The first is the aforementioned trust fund, which is the fastest and easiest way to receive money immediately to cover your medical costs and living expenses while being unable to work. The second way is to file a personal injury lawsuit against the manufacturers of asbestos and possibly building landlords where you encountered asbestos insulation. The third method is filing a wrongful death claim for a victim of mesothelioma who died.

Filing a wrongful death lawsuit often depends on how you’re related to the victim. Each state has its own rules about who qualifies to file a wrongful death case. Generally, immediate family members qualify in every state. This includes a legally married spouse and any children under the age of 18 when the death occurred. Some states have older age limits for enrolled students and dependent children. Many states allow debtors of dependents to claim money from the victim’s estate, and some allow more distant relatives to benefit from wrongful death claims. Check your state for details.

The asbestos trust funds

According to a post at, the Asbestos Trust Funds Were set up to speed funds into needy patient hands to cover mesothelioma treatment. The lawsuits are also called asbestos lawsuits because asbestos is the toxic substance that causes mesothelioma, which is an otherwise rare type of cancer. The trust funds were funded by the hundreds of manufacturers who made, sold, and distributed asbestos insulation or products that use asbestos for insulation. There were thousands of products manufactured with asbestos, and asbestos cleanup efforts continue throughout the country.

History of asbestos

Unfortunately, asbestos has been used for centuries, but its use in large-scale industrial products didn’t happen until the 1800s. The bad effects of asbestos on health weren’t noticed until the early 20th century.

The early response to the risks of asbestos was to cover up the dangers for consumers and construction workers.

Many of the manufacturing companies using asbestos were aware of the dangers but joined the wall of silence. However, widespread use and extensive health problems finally exposed the dangers. Asbestos still hasn’t been banned and is used today in friction products, gaskets, roofing materials, and fireproofing.

These manufacturers declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and they were authorized by the federal court to reorganize their finances to create a trust fund to relieve the burdens of victims. The trust funds allow them to settle cases at a lower cost than a personal injury lawsuit would probably cost. The companies receive immunity from personal injury lawsuits.

Hiring an attorney

It’s best to discuss your options with an attorney experienced with mesothelioma cases. You can hire an asbestosis attorney based in Birmingham for Alabama case consult.


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