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When will Jim Webb decide on independent presidential bid?

jim webbYou may have missed former Virginia U.S. Sen. Jim Webb as a Democratic Party presidential nomination candidate.

Webb is due to announce by the end of the year, which means by the end of next week, if he will mount an illogical independent bid for president.

“He has tasked us to do a feasibility study on how to get on enough state ballots for a mathematical chance at 270 electoral votes. That’s in progress,” Webb campaign spokesman Craig Crawford told CNN on Thursday.

Quixotic though such effort may be.

There’s no deadline-based reason to have a decision by the end of the year. As Crawford noted to CNN, most states have summer deadlines to qualify for ballot access for the general election in November.


About Jim Webb

Webb represented Virginia in the United States Senate from 2007 to 2013. He was a candidate for the Democratic Party presidential nomination for several months in 2015.

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