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Voters impacted by new ID laws in Virginia

The Virginia Department of Elections has received numerous inquiries today regarding a news story that incorrectly stated the number of individuals without a Virginia DMV-issued photo ID.

The Department worked with the publication to issue a correction that accurately reflects the data we provided.  As of this morning, 198,902 active Virginia voters do not have a Virginia DMV-issued photo ID.  It is important to note that this number only reflects voters without a Virginia DMV-issued photo ID.  It does not account for the other forms of photo ID that these voters may have that would also be acceptable for voting purposes, including U.S. Passports; employer-issued photo IDs; student photo IDs from a college or university located in Virginia; photo ID cards issued by the United States, the Commonwealth of Virginia, or local Virginia government; and Virginia-issued voter photo ID cards.

In addition, Virginia voters who do not have an acceptable form of photo ID can get a free Virginia Voter Photo ID Card from any of the 133 local voter registration offices located in the Commonwealth or the Virginia Department of Elections.  Obtaining a free Virginia Voter Photo ID Card is quick and easy, taking less than 10 minutes to complete.  Voters can and click on the “Voter Photo ID” button or call the Department of Elections at (800) 552-9745 to get more information.

The Department of Elections and local election officials throughout the Commonwealth are working together to ensure all eligible Virginia voters are able to exercise their right to vote and will continue outreach through Election Day.  As part of the ongoing efforts to educate voters about the new law, the Virginia Department of Elections sent out more than 86,000 direct mail pieces this week to individuals without Virginia DMV-issued photo ID that are likely to vote in-person this November.  The mail piece informs them about the new photo ID requirement, lets them know what other types of photo ID are acceptable, and how to get a free Virginia Voter Photo ID Card if they don’t have acceptable ID.  Local election officials throughout the Commonwealth have been conducting outreach in their communities about the new photo ID requirement to ensure voters are ready for Election Day.

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