Virginia making progress ID’g deceased on voter registration rolls

The Virginia State Board of Elections recently conducted a significant data-comparison between the comprehensive Social Security Administration’s Death Master File obtained from the National Technical Information Service and the current list of registered voters in Virginia.

The data-comparison efforts thus far have yielded the identification of approximately 10,000 deceased individuals on the voter registration rolls.  Local general registrars will now take steps to cancel these registered voters from the voter rolls under Virginia and federal law.

Thus far, approximately 15 million records out of 60 million records in the NTIS master death file have been matched against the registered voter list.  SBE is working to analyze the remaining 45 million records to identify potential additional matches.  Previous to this comprehensive matching of records, SBE matched monthly updates of records obtained from NTIS.

Secretary of the State Board of Elections Don Palmer was encouraged by these efforts.

“Virginia is committed to ensuring only eligible voters are registered to vote. The State Board of Elections’ efforts in utilizing the death master file has yielded significant results with the identification of over 10,000 deceased individuals contained in the voter rolls.  Virginia will continue to work to ensure those deceased or ineligible to vote are removed timely from the voter rolls,” Palmer said.

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