Virginia Energy Efficiency Council celebrates SCC approval of Dominion programs

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Virginia Energy Efficiency Council formally intervened in support of Dominion’s eleven new Demand-Response programs in the proceedings before the State Corporation Commission.

On Thursday, the SCC approved each of these programs, which will fulfill part of Dominion’s commitment to energy efficiency under the Grid Transformation and Security Act. This is the first time ever that the SCC has approved Dominion’s programs without changes to the proposed timeline or budget.

A list of the approved programs with descriptions is provided below:

  • All six residential programs approved by the SCC, which were the first programs for residents in more than two years.
    Appliance Recycling Program: Incentivizes consumers to recycle eligible freezers and refrigerators.
    Home Energy Assessment Program: Facilities a walk-through energy assessment and incentivize efficiency upgrades based on the findings.
    Smart Thermostat Management Program (DR): Provides consumers who already have an eligible smart thermostat an annual incentive to enroll in a peak demand response program.
    Smart Thermostat Management Program (EE): Provides a one-time rebate for customers who purchase an eligible smart thermostat.
    Efficient Products Marketplace Program: Establishes a rebate program for qualified efficient products purchased through participating retailers or an online marketplace.
    Customer Engagement Program: Provides consumers with energy use data and energy saving suggestions.
  • All non-residential programs approved.
    Heating and Cooling Efficiency Program: Provides an incentive to qualifying customers to implement high efficiency heating and cooling technologies.
    Lighting Systems & Controls Program: Provides an incentive to qualifying customers to implement efficient lighting technologies with verifiable savings.
    Window Film Program: Incentivizes customers to install solar reduction window film.
    Office Program: Offers incentives for installation of a variety of energy efficiency measures related to building systems to small office facilities.
    Small Manufacturing Program: Offers incentives for installation of a variety of energy efficiency measures to small manufacturing companies, primarily regarding compressed air systems.

Founded in 2012, VAEEC is a 501c3 organization, headquartered in Richmond, that provides a platform for stakeholder engagement while assessing and supporting programs and policies that advance energy efficiency in Virginia. We engage our members to identify barriers to and opportunities for energy efficiency advancement, and to develop a strong, fact-based, and balanced industry voice before local, state, and national policymakers and regulators. Our diverse group of over 100 members includes Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, local governments, state agencies, and more. The VAEEC’s goal is to ensure that energy efficiency is recognized as an integral part of Virginia’s economy and clean energy future.

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