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VDOT surpasses on-time, on-budget goals

Gov. Bob McDonnell announced today that for the second consecutive quarter, the Virginia Department of Transportation surpassed its targets for completing all construction and maintenance projects both on time and on budget during the third quarter of the 2012 fiscal year – January through March 2012.

“VDOT is proving once again that it continues to closely watch how the agency uses taxpayers’ money as it brings in more major projects on time and within budget – for example, opening the new London Bridge ramps on Interstate 264 in Virginia Beach eight months ahead of schedule and below budget,” McDonnell said. “This latest report also notes that such projects are making significant contributions over time to the state’s economy with significant job expansion, especially for major construction projects.”

VDOT released these results in its most recent quarterly report card. The report is available at

The agency reported in February that it had met these same goals for the second quarter of FY 2012 (October-December 2011), the first time it had accomplished this since FY 2010.

“As VDOT seeks more creative funding methods to finance road maintenance and new construction, both by itself and with private partners, it is again worth noting as we did for the previous quarter, that the department has remained on course in meeting its on-time and on-budget goals,” said Transportation Secretary Sean T. Connaughton.

According to the report, VDOT had 348 construction and maintenance projects due for completion during the quarter that ended March 31, 2012. Of those contracts, 270, or 77.6 percent, were completed both on time and within budget. The target was 77 percent.

VDOT completed 87.5 percent of its construction projects (49 out of 56) on time, exceeding the goal of 75 percent. The department completed 79.8 percent of its maintenance contracts (233 out of 292) on time, surpassing its 77 percent target.

Of the 56 construction projects completed by the end of the third quarter of FY 2012, VDOT completed 54, or 96.4 percent, within budget, exceeding its target of 82 percent. VDOT completed 94 percent of its maintenance contracts within budget, or 267 out of 284, beating its target of 90 percent.

“Our VDOT staff have stepped up to meet the demands of today’s transportation challenges as we have adapted to working with a leaner staff than in previous years, and they have met such challenges admirably,” said VDOT Commissioner Greg Whirley. “Sustaining the effort to meet and surpass our targets for completing projects on time and within budget has been an endeavor we expect to always continue to achieve.”

The construction quality rating for the quarter was 90.6 percent, which came in just under the 91 percent target. The measurement tracks VDOT’s commitment to building quality roads and bridges while seeking the opportunity for continuous improvement.

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