Top poker events for 2019

PokerPoker tournaments are considered to be among the most elite events followed by sportsmen and gaming enthusiasts across the globe. True to its form, poker is a challenging card game considered by some to be a sports event. More often than not, these events are high stakes games with only the best competing for the grand cash prize. The buy-in amounts are exorbitant, allowing for the winners to walk away with millions following the completion of the competition. This in turn, attracts an exclusive crowd to place wagers on the events outside of the tournaments.

Following the success of some of these renowned poker tournaments, it comes with absolute surety that the following events can be expected to be held in the upcoming year of 2019.

The World Series of Poker Tournament

The annual WSOP tournament is perhaps the most viewed competition, both online and offline, placing key players across the table from one another to compete for the pot. Each year promises an adrenalized experience for players across the world. Competitors are often composed of professional players and a few new faces, which are always a welcome addition to fans as the stakes are raised based on the unknown players who hold the promise of different poker strategies.

Although the full schedule has yet to be released, some WSOP events have already been made public. The first event is set to begin in late May 2019 and involves cash games along with coverage at the Rio in Vegas. These games kick of the series, granting players an opportunity to win a seat at the table of the main event. Following that, early July is dated as the first tournament, No Limit Hold’em World Championship, with the buy in set at a whopping $10,000.

It is predicted that 2019 will feature up to 80 different events and even more online events all leading to the finale of the 2019 WSOP tournament.

Poker enthusiasts can expect the full schedule to be released anytime from mid-December 2018 to early January 2019.

2019 Aussie Millions

The poker championship event takes place on the 15th of January and ends on the 4th of February 2019. Consisting of an estimated amount of 700 entrants and a total prize pool of $7 million, the event is considered to be one of the biggest within the poker industry. The Aussie Millions championship consists of a series of events which includes a gold bracelet event, satellites, cash games and daily tournaments which run over the course of 21 days.

The main event is where the action can be found and takes place for a total of 8 days. Thousands of entrants from a number of countries are expected, taking into consideration the ongoing success of the 2018 Aussie Millions.

The World Poker Tour Cruise

The WPT cruise is set aboard a luxury cruise liner known as the Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Sea in the Mediterranean. The exclusive event takes place on the 1st to the 8th of September 2019. A limited amount of patrons are able to attend as the cruise only offers a selected number of cabins for the audience to reserve.

Designed mainly for poker audiences, fans are able to book their cabin and receive a number of perks involving meeting and greeting their most favoured poker stars. The cruise line package includes social events and dinners, giving the elite an opportunity of a lifetime to get in on the action.

Although there are many poker events held annually, not all of them offer high stakes competitions as the above. Most of these events are open to the public, granted that players have the cash for the buy in or have won a satellite. For those who cannot afford to secure a seat at the table, these main events hold just as much as excitement by betting on potential winners. In addition to this, bet pools can be accessed through top online casino sites or online sportsbooks.

Think you have what it takes? Learn the rules of poker to understand the upcoming events and follow the entourage of professional players who walk away with life changing sums of winnings earned during these exciting poker events.

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