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Top 5 best luxury cars of 2021/2022

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A lot goes into making luxury cars what they are. Some of these vehicles have the coveted position as leading autos due to the superior technologies they possess.

Aside from technology, these cars are the epitome of stylish premium designs that harmoniously combine aesthetics, performance, and comfort to bring you the best of all worlds.

Therefore, it is little wonder that many people are willing to drop top dollar to purchase or hire a luxury car. Even the vast majority who may not afford to buy these posh rides have the option of enjoying the joys of driving one through their preferred luxury car rental.

Wondering what options are out there? Well, here are the top five luxury cars you can get today.

1. Cadillac Escalade ESV

Since the first Cadillac was manufactured more than a century ago, the brand quickly gained its reputation as a luxury icon. So much so that A-list pop stars such as Bruce Springsteen were soon waxing lyrical about the pink Cadillac.

Today, it is one of the cars still favored by heavy hitters, besides being the official car for the President of the United States.

Among the best sellers is the Cadillac Escalade ESV, a 3-row, 8-seater SUV that redefines what it means to have acres of space in a Sports Utility Vehicle. At 18 feet long, it is easy to see why.

Interestingly, the vehicle’s fuel efficiency belies its imposing build.

With an average consumption of 17mpg, this SUV easily trumps other contenders in its class, such as the Lincoln Navigator and the Mercedes Benz GLS 550. Despite having similar averages, the latter have smaller bodies.

The interior features heated front seats, four entertainment screens for the rear seats, and an infotainment display with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Also featured is a cooling box between the rear seats for chilled refreshments.

This beast is available in five trims and comes bearing top-notch security and safety features. The 2021 Cadillac Escalade ESV is even semi-automated thanks to its Super Cruise feature that allows you to get your hands off the steering wheel even on the highway.

It is the first mass-production car that has taken autonomous driving to this level.

2. Mercedes Benz G63

Rolling out of this German automaker’s production line is the sturdy yet swift Mercedes Benz G63.

The Mercedes Benz G63, or G-Wagen as it is colloquially known, is a power horse built to the brand’s spectacular standards. Not only does it boast of military utility, but the manufacturer offers armored specifications as an option.

When fully armored, the car can even withstand a hand grenade assault.

Aside from the impressive security options, the G-Wagen also benefits from the exacting control provided by Mercedes’ AMG suspension tuning. It is a dynamic damping suspension system that adjusts your ride height according to the vehicle’s weight load, road type, and speed to render the best suspension in every circumstance.

The impressive handling capabilities extend to the car’s performance around sharp bends. The Active Curve Tilting function enables the vehicle to lean into corners to give you smooth turns even at sharp angles or high speeds.

In terms of looks, the G-Wagen is available in exclusive paints and upholstery offered under the Mercedes Benz’s G Manufaktur framework.

It is a platform that gives you limitless customization options from olive metallic, sintered bronze Magno to desert sand; no color or hue is impossible. Even for the interior finishes, the car can be spectacularly made as unique as you would wish.

3. Range Rover SVR

The Range Rover SVR is a prestigious SUV with a suave muscled look.

Its 16-way electric adjustment cushy leather heats are donned in Windsor leather and are embossed with the SVR logo. They come with heating as a standard feature, but with cooling also being offered as an option.

The car’s power sunroof allows you to enjoy lots of natural light and warmth in sunnier times. When venturing off-road, the vehicle’s All-Wheel Drive has six drive modes suited to all kinds of off-road conditions. You can choose any setting from rock crawling, snow, mud, and sand.

Thanks to the 360-degree camera system, navigating this car in tight spaces is a breeze.

4. Rolls Royce Dawn

This car takes the Rolls Royce sophistication a notch higher by introducing an element of relaxed playfulness into the mix.

Unlike its stablemates, the Rolls Royce Dawn is a 2-door convertible or Drophead coupe that appeals more to buyers who wish to drive themselves.

It possesses an exterior of smooth, flowing subtle curves, and while it retains some of the hallmarks of its predecessors, it manages to enthrall both the young and the older folks alike.

Some of the traditional cues that are in the Dawn include the design chrome grille up front, the narrow headlamps, iconic Rolls Royce umbrellas built into the car’s reverse doors.

The front seats possess heated and cooling options. While the cabin stays true to the Rolls Royce heritage of decadent interiors, you may still crank things up by going for the black badge option. That is where you will be treated to an extensive carbon fiber finish, a more refined suspension tuning, and enhanced torque.

5. Audi Q7

The Audi Q7 is a mammoth crossover 7-seater SUV, the largest vehicle in Audi’s fleet.

It is available in three trim options; premium, premium plus, and prestige, with All Wheel Drive being a staple in all the trims.

The interior features a 12.3-inch infotainment display with Android and Apple CarPlay included. The virtual cockpit also supports satellite radio, Bluetooth connectivity, WiFi, and USB ports.

When you spring for an Audi Q7 luxury package, you receive deluxe features such as a power opening and closing tailgate, LED daytime running lights, and front and rear fog lights.

One of the most impressive features about the Audi Q7 is the hill descent control, a nifty feature when you go off-roading.

Story by Trevor Charles

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