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If you have recently accepted a proposal from your beloved, or perhaps even proposed successfully to your beloved, then you may want to revel in the novelty of being someone’s fiancé. And yet, the world around you has a different idea altogether, as they lovingly interrogate you about the big day.

When and where is it? Are you having a theme wedding? Do you know the best camera for wedding photography? Who is the planner? And so, the questions go.

In hindsight, you will realize that their curiosity (and concern) was warranted, as planning the “perfect wedding” is a challenging task. Here are 7 simple tips to get you to success.

1. Fix a (tentative) budget

The budget is the foremost consideration, as literally everything else revolves around this critical figure. So, start with a defined budget. Perhaps you parents may be keen to share the expenses, as they feel equally devoted to your big day?

Or perhaps your partner has been secretly saving for this since they were seven! Have these discussions so you come up with a reasonable figure, even if it seems tentative at present. You will learn clever ways to stick to this figure through the course of your planning.

2. Choose a date

After the budget, this is perhaps your next big consideration. Here, remember that typical American weddings are planned 9-12 months in advance, so the sooner you set a date, the more likely you are to get your choice of venue. Spring and fall weddings are popular as they offer near-perfect weather. On the other hand, your snowy-winter wedding may well be one of a kind!

Pro tip: This decision may not be as independent as you want, as you factor in availability of close friends and family, weather conditions, holiday planning for the subsequent honeymoon, and so on. Don’t let these multiple factors overwhelm you, as they are all a chaotic yet entertaining part of the wedding planning process!

3. Identify the right venue

This choice is filled with variety, so seek your partner’s opinion. Do you want to say your vows in a traditional church, or perhaps celebrate a fun time with your inner circle in an outdoor location? Local weddings are easier to plan and manage, but long-distance or remote locations offer exotic possibilities. When you consider this grand event as a once in a lifetime opportunity, you may want to go big or go home!

4. Recruit a wedding planner

Most wedding venues offer the possibility of a wedding planner. You could also ask around your friend circle, and look for a planner’s portfolio.

Here, you may be tempted to plan your own wedding. But unless you plan to have a no-fuss ceremony or even manage it with a quick trip to the justice of peace, consider outsourcing this job. This will leave you free to celebrate this wondrous phase of your life, rather than be hassled with every minor detail.

Also, a seasoned planner will know of several time and money-saving tips, and clever ways to hire the best in the business, on budget. Why not leverage their expertise?

5. Choose your dreamy outfit

Whether you are the radiant bride to be, or the charming groom to be, your wedding outfit needs to be bought at least a few months in advance, so they can be customized for you. Hence, take this step as soon as you commit to the date and venue. In some cases, your planner may also be able to help, offering a host of options that are specifically tailor made, or even bought off a famous fashion runway.

6. Nail the details

This is where your wedding planner comes in to help.

This includes outlining critical details like:

  • Guest count: This may be completely based on choice, or driven by your venue and budget. Either way, keep in mind that you may not be able to include every good soul that has come into your life. It is absolutely okay to say no to not-so-close friends, distant-family and passing acquaintances.
  • Caterer: Again, several venues offer a choice of caterers for easy access. Or perhaps your planner has a bunch of popular caterers lined up. The critical aspect is to choose a cuisine that you and your partner genuinely enjoy.
  • Theme: Theme-based weddings are becoming all the rage. This can be a fun option to elevate an otherwise ordinary venue (like a farmhouse). Again, remember to seek your partner’s opinion and approval. The last thing either of you need is to be coerced into a theme that you do not enjoy.
  • Music: This is often driven by the theme. In some cases, you may even hire an exclusive DJ to manage the event. Either way, make sure to include a few momentous songs that mean more to you, your partner, and your inner circle.

7. Seek the bridal party

Your close friends and family are sure to be on their toes, since the minute you share with them your big news. Put them out of their misery (while also securing your wedding), by inviting the bridal party soon after you finalize the date and venue. This will also help them feel more connected (and thus committed) to your wedding, which goes a long way in elevating the overall experience.

Now, you can plan the big wedding with them as a fun project, rather than struggle with it as solitary endeavor.

8. Invite the best photographer

This may seem like the last pertinent detail related to the big event, and yet, it can make or break your memory of it.

You see, a mediocre caterer is salvageable with good music (and entertainment). This also applies to a hard-to-reach venue, as you can make up for it with a local party post the honeymoon. But a bad photographer has the potential to ruin your memory of the wedding forever, and this is inexcusable.

For this reason, take special care while choosing your photographer. Also make sure he or she clearly recognizes the best camera for wedding photography, and brings it on your big day.

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