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The new way of sharing business documents: Virtual data rooms

A virtual data room (VDR) is an online data base where companies or people can store and share confidential information with chosen recipients. Most of the time a VDR is used for a financial transaction. A VDR has been referred to as a type of online document filing system. VDRs consist of private documents and is usually very important information to a person or company. A lot of companies use VDRs to store their important and confidential documents, such as financial, legal, and tax information, to make sure that it remains private and secure. A lot of important and confidential documents must be easy to access but also need to be protected. Therefore, VDRs were created to allow you to share your confidential information.

Virtual Data Room vs. Physical Data Room

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There used to be physical data rooms, but their existence is diminishing. Physical data rooms had several restrictions, such as being too tedious and problematic. If a company’s information is placed on physical documents, it has more chance of getting into the wrong hands or being misplaced. The greatest part of a VDR is that you can share exclusive information and trust that it will remain confidential. You also can do this from anywhere in the world at any time, unlike physical data rooms. One method heavily used in VDRs is fundraising. In order to get investors to invest money in your company, there must be a large amount of data shown through document sharing. This data shows proof of your company and what your plans to use the money raised for will be. Using a VDR is very beneficial during fundraising, and most companies trust that a VDR will provide more control and supervision in the process. This would not be as easily accessible or instantly while using a physical data room.

When to Use A VDR

If your company wants to go public, a VDR is essential. This leads to your company acquiring more rules and commands from the local, state, and federal level. Therefore, shareholders will want to access your information, and it must be accurate. So, VDRs are needed to exchange documents. Strategic Partnerships with other companies also require a large amount of document sharing. A VDR comes into play during this situation as well because the partnering leaders can relax knowing that their precious data for the partnership will be safeguarded. Audits also play a big role in VDRs. When your company’s data needs to be accessed by an auditor, it can be sent through a VDR where it is kept secure. In addition, if you have someone who is a part of your company that works remotely, data can be sent to them through VDRs. The information can go anywhere, even to another country. By using a VDR, instead of sending a document in an email, your data will be preserved from others seeing it besides the person you granted access to the document. The data is able to be accessed instantly as well.

What Type of Industries Use VDRs?

A lot of businesses are leaving physical data rooms behind and getting on board with VDRs. Some industries partaking in the use of VDRs are technology, life sciences, investment banking, law firms, private equity and venture capital firms, and many more. The VDRs are simply better because your information is very much less likely to become stolen or embezzled. Additionally, VDRs can be accessed 24/7 unlike physical data rooms. VDRs also reduce the chances of human mistake that could result in a deal being denied. In the last few years, the use of data rooms has been flourishing. It is easy to invest in and set up a VDR, and there is no excuse why you would not be doing this with all the positive benefits that cannot be expressed enough. Now that we determined VDRs are very useful, you must decide which VDR works for you. In order to do that, you should request free trials on different ones to test out first in order to decide which one is right for you and your company’s needs.

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