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The benefits of positive ventilation systems

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Over the last few years, we have seen a huge increase in demand on architects, builders, and government legislation to increase the thermal efficiency of our homes, making them well-insulated and draught free. While this is great news for people wanting to reduce their energy bills, it is not such good news for the quality of the air in our homes.

Poor air quality can increase the effects of respiratory diseases such as asthma, aggravate health conditions, increase condensation in a property, help mold to grow, increase the number of dust mites, and lots more too. Thankfully, positive input ventilation (PIV) systems can be installed into properties to improve the indoor air quality. Here are some of the main benefits of positive ventilation systems.

1.      Health benefits

One of the main benefits of a PIV system is that it can help to improve the quality of the air in a building. They eliminate any stale or contaminated air and replace it with fresh clean air. Research has shown that this can help to improve the health of people with conditions such as asthma.

2.      Reduces energy bills

Warm air within a home accumulates at ceiling level. Research has shown that this air can be anywhere up to 7 degrees higher than the air found at floor level. A positive ventilation system can help to redistribute this heat around your home, therefore reducing your energy costs.

3.      Eliminates mold growth, musty odors and condensation

Poor ventilation can cause musty odors, condensation, dampness, mold growth, excessive carbon dioxide and streaming windows in a property. A positive ventilation system can help to improve this. It provides whole home condensation and ventilation control, working to get rid of surface condensation which causes mold growth.

4.      Energy efficient

Evidence suggests that positive ventilation systems are up to 80% more energy-efficient than a traditional AC fan. So, if you want to do your bit to protect the environment, consider installing one of these systems in your home.

5.      Installation

A PIV unit is super easy to install in existing properties. Not only that, but it is also one of the cheapest whole-house ventilation systems.

6.      Low maintenance

Positive ventilation systems are easy to maintain. Simply get them serviced once a year to check they are working at their maximum potential, and you are all set.

7.      Operational noise

Most positive ventilation systems are barely audible from within a property. This means that you are unlikely to hear them working unless your house is silent. This is great news for people who like a bit of peace and quiet in their homes.

8.      Reduce dust mite populations in your home

Another huge advantage of a positive ventilation system is that it lowers the humidity within your property. This can help to prevent dust mite populations from reproducing and thriving.

Positive ventilation systems are currently one of the most popular ventilation systems available in the UK, and it’s clear to see why. There are numerous benefits of positive ventilation systems. Not only do these systems help homeowners to create healthy and fresh living environments by providing fresh, clean air into a property at a steady rate, but they also help to reduce energy bills, improve our health, reduce mold growth, eradicate surface condensation, and reduce house dust mite inhabitants too. What more could you ask for?

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