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Super Bowl superstitions: 5 superstitions fans believe in

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The Super Bowl is fast approaching, and many fans are already locking in their bets. For those who are huge fans of the game, it’s no surprise that superstitions abound on this special day. These superstitions or beliefs often tell of a victory when heeded or a defeat if ignored. As this year’s Super Bowl event is the biggest in recent years, you can expect that fans will be going crazy with everything.

Come Super Bowl; fans will be betting on the game. However, it’s not just betting on who will win it all. Many fans can bet on anything they want, from what color the Gatorade the winning team has to who wins the coin toss. With these many bets available, you can expect more superstitions to be born out of those. With that said, here are some of the best superstitions that you should know about when the Super Bowl comes.

The coin toss

A coin toss can be just a random way of settling things for some. However, a coin toss can be an excellent way to predict who wins the Super Bowl for some Super Bowl fans. Although it may come off as totally random, some fans do actually believe it.

Many bettors believe in lucky streaks, and the best way to start a lucky streak come February 13 is betting on the coin toss. Betting on the Super Bowl’s Coin Toss and winning it is a good sign to come. However, if a bettor would lose, it would signify a change in betting strategy or not betting at all.

However, note that in the last seven Super Bowls, the coin toss winners weren’t the ones who won the championship. Don’t worry about the fact that was just mentioned. In a Super Bowl coin toss, you can also bet on what a participating team will pick. For example, if you choose the Bengals to pick heads, it won’t matter if the other team picks tails and wins the coin toss. There are just a lot of fun prop bets to be made when the Super Bowl comes.

Wearing something lucky

Some fans consider wearing their team’s jersey as lucky enough. However, some fans take it to the next level. Some wear weird hats, some prefer using different sock combinations, and some pick a lucky pair of underwear.

Perhaps one of the weirdest, if not the nastiest superstition when it comes to clothing is that some fans don’t actually wash their jerseys for a whole season. These fans believe that washing a jersey could wash away a team’s luck.


Believe it or not, some fans consider eating certain types of food before a game brings in good luck. GrubHub, an online food ordering company, listed down some pretty impressive statistics on what food you should order on game day.

According to GrubHub, Saag paneer, an Indian dish made with spinach and cheese, was ordered 169% more when the New England Patriots won. Carne asada or grilled meat was the second luckiest food which was ordered more than 162% on a win from the Patriots. In Atlanta, a fan is boosting luck for the Falcons if they order chicken noodle soup. Chicken noodle soup was ordered 195% more when the Atlanta Falcons won.

As you can see, these are staggering numbers. If you’re superstitious and believe that the little things you do matter for your team, then order the luckiest food for your team! Even the players themselves consider food to be lucky. Wade Boggs, a Hall of Famer in the NFL, prefers eating only chicken before a game.

Betting on the underdog

Underdogs are nitty and gritty and don’t exactly have a good record. However, the determination an underdog team shows can be enough reason for people to bet on them. A lot of people consider an underdog victory to be the sweetest.

As of this writing, the Cincinnati Bengals will be facing the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC. The Chiefs are one of the strongest teams in the NFL. In their previous meeting, the Bengals surprised everyone by winning over the favorite Chiefs. In the NFC, the heavily favored Los Angeles Rams will go against the underdog San Francisco 49ers. However, before getting to the NFC championship, the 49ers upset a solid Green Bay Packers team.

As you can see, an underdog’s journey towards a Cinderella story isn’t a cakewalk. That’s why many people bet on underdogs in such sporting events. Betting on the underdog can be highly profitable. Putting the same amount of money on the underdog will win you more money than a favorite.

The same spot

In most live games, fans who can afford it will always want to sit in the same chair. The reasoning behind this is that the same spot or chair will always bring good luck for their team. This belief also holds for those watching at home. When the Super Bowl is on TV, a super fan might not want anyone sitting in their favorite chair or spot on the couch.


Super Bowl is coming in a few weeks, and we’ll all get to see who will win it all. With all the excitement, fans are preparing their best to boost their team’s chances. Sometimes, fans will go the extra mile to do anything they can for that extra luck. The superstitions mentioned above are just a few fans believe when it’s time for the Super Bowl.

Story by Dara Cruz

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