Staunton Public Library Library to Host astronomer, solar eclipse viewing party

The Staunton Public Library will host Kevin Manning for two astronomy programs on Monday, July 17. This is his only stop in Virginia on his Star Tour 2017.

staunton public libraryManning is a gifted astronomer who worked as a consultant with NASA’s Chandra X-Ray Observatory, launched on the space shuttle with the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. He’s also worked with other ground-based observatories and the Brookhaven National Laboratory.

He is the recipient of national and international awards in his field and was both a Wright Fellow and an Einstein Fellow.


Two Astronomy Programs

Manning has presented numerous lectures and workshops over the years at libraries, observatories, schools and science centers, including at Tufts University, the State University of New York at Stony Brook, the National Science Teachers Association’s National Convention, American Association for the Advancement of Science Breakfast with Scientists, and the National Park Service.

Both of the following astronomy programs will be held in the Library’s meeting room:

2 p.m.Monday, July 17
An All-American Total Solar Eclipse: Looking into the Mysteries of Eclipses and Other Celestial Events in the Universe
This program will examine how astronomy is used to determine the location of objects in the sky, or on the celestial sphere, from earth. Weather permitting, participants will have the opportunity to look at sunspots through a special telescope.

7 p.m.Monday, July 17
Astronomy for Everyone: Size & Scale of the Universe
Learn about the size and scale of the universe, the stars, and other celestial wonders using hands-on activities and assorted visuals. Appropriate for those ages 8 and over.


Solar Eclipse Viewing Party

The Library will host a Solar Eclipse Viewing Party at 2 p.m.Monday, August 21, and will provide special eclipse viewing glasses to those who attend the event.

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