Schmookler seeks answers from Bob Goodlatte

The campaign of Sixth District Democratic Democratic Party congressional nominee Andy Schmookler issued a press release on Thursday to “ask” Republican incumbent Bob Goodlatte a series of questions.

The questions:

Do you agree with your presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, that 47% of the American people don’t “take personal responsibility and care for their lives”?

Do you believe that America’s senior citizens who live on Social Security, and don’t have to pay federal income taxes, don’t take responsibility for their lives? (They make up almost a quarter of that 47%.)

Do you believe that the people who pay payroll taxes –meaning that they have jobs—but don’t pay federal income taxes, don’t take responsibility for their lives? (They make up well over half of that 47 %.)

Do you believe that working families with young children, who are able to take the Earned Income Credit signed by President Reagan, don’t take responsibility for their lives?

On the question of the debates:

Since the congressional calendar for the election season has been set for months, what’s stopped you from setting the dates for your debates with your opponent?

Since you’ve just had a five-week vacation, why couldn’t you have had one of your debates already?

Since you’ve been scheduling and keeping all sorts of other campaign engagements, why is it that the debates are the one kind of campaign event that you’ve declared that your congressional obligations prevent you from scheduling.

Do you agree with the idea that there should be several debates, so that all the citizens of the district will be within an hour of such an event?

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