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Andy Schmookler: Trying to understand my countrymen

Every day, I work to understand our Trump-supporting fellow Americans. But I’m far from satisfied with the understanding I’ve reached so far.

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Andy Schmookler: If you’d believe that …

Two things preoccupy me these days: the need for the truth to defeat the lie, rather than vice versa; and the need to bring the good, decent conservatives of America back from the dark place to which the powers on the right have led them.

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Andy Schmookler: Bob Goodlatte’s violation of his oath of office

In early April, I issued a public challenge to Bob Goodlatte to debate me. Not surprisingly, Mr. Goodlatte never responded to me.

Andy Schmookler: When you’re a star, you can do anything

We should have known what we were getting when we heard Donald Trump declare: “When you’re a star, you can do anything.”

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Former congressional candidate to appear at Goodlatte office to issue challenge

Andy Schmookler will deliver a challenge to Republican Congressman Bob Goodlatte next week at Goodlatte’s Harrisonburg office.

andy schmookler

Andy Schmookler: Debate challenge to Bob Goodlatte

Former congressional candidate Andy Schmookler challenges Bob Goodlatte to a public debate.

“Seek Peace While Preparing for War”: Going to/after Trump about climate change

Climate change deniers come in two main varieties: the corrupt and the ignorant.

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Andy Schmookler: Insurrection

The question of why Donald Trump would force himself on unconsenting women raises other questions.

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Andy Schmookler: The liberals’ share of the blame

Every liberal I know is both horrified that Donald Trump might become president and appalled that so many Americans would even consider voting for such a man.

Andy Schmookler: This sex-bully tape really should move votes

It’s regrettable that it should be “news” to so many people what a disgusting human being Donald Trump is.


All Republican patriots must choose: Party or principle

Winston Churchill said: “Some men change their party for the sake of their principles; others their principles for the sake of their party.”

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Andy Schmookler: Flaws in how we evaluate leaders

I’m reading a really fascinating book: Thinking, Fast and Slow, by Nobel-Prize-winning “behavioral economist” Daniel Kahneman.

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Andy Schmookler: The worst danger from the TPP

Most of the criticism of our trade deals has focused on the very real problem of jobs and decent wages for American workers.

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Trump’s ‘If I lose, don’t accept the results’ is a political crime

Donald Trump has said a great many things that have been not only offensive, but also damaging to the nation.

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Challenging the Republicans, Part 2: Will you stick with obstructionism?

Although defeating Donald Trump is essential, that is not the only essential goal that needs to be achieved in the coming election.

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Andy Schmookler: The biggest bargain around (on money, elections)

Would it be possible for any American leader to persuade the American people about how much better off we’d all be if we had publicly financed elections?

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Andy Schmookler: How to think about Black Lives Matter

We’d likely have less controversy over the slogan Black Lives Matter if we had more of a shared understanding of the relevant American reality.

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Andy Schmookler: Here’s what Hillary Clinton should be asked

Madame Secretary, you have said that as president, you’ll “break the gridlock in Washington.” You have also said that you are good at reaching “across the aisle” to get things done.

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Andy Schmookler: Was I wrong about conservatives?

I’ve always been politically liberal, because – like my parents, who came of age during the presidency of Franklin Roosevelt – I believe that government has a vital role to play in making our society what it should be.

Challenging the Republicans, Part 1: Repudiating Trump

It may be better for America if the Republicans refuse to repudiate Trump. Trump can be their cement shoes, dragging them down while the waters close over them.

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I wish ‘We’re the greatest!’ weren’t such good politics

Let me first try to make sure I’m not misunderstood. I am not saying that I wish the Democrats had done anything different at the convention.

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The line from Obama that floored me last night

It is not President Obama’s way to deliver a blow in the ring of the sort that puts an opponent down for the count.

Why America must hand Trumpism a landslide defeat

If the American people repudiate Trumpism in an overwhelming manner – everything that Trump represents will be discredited and weakened.

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Andy Schmookler: What is Ted Cruz thinking?

The question I find interesting, in the wake of Ted Cruz’s headline-making refusal to endorse Donald Trump, is just what Cruz’s strategy here is.

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Andy Schmookler: Real and phony problems with our trade deals

Donald Trump is right that there are problems with our trade deals. But the problems are not at all what Trump claims.

Andy Schmookler: An open letter to Bob Goodlatte

Dear Congressman Goodlatte: if there’s one thing people can count on you for, it’s that you will put your party’s interests ahead of the good of the nation.

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Andy Schmooker: The “right-to-work” con

When I was involved in electoral politics here in Virginia, I was advised by Democratic politicians to stay away from the issue of “right-to-work” laws.

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Andy Schmookler: Bernie’s disingenuous pledge

I’d guess I’ve heard it at least a dozen times: Bernie Sanders pledging that “I’ll do everything I can to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president.”

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My guilty pleasures: NFL football and World War II

NFL football and World War II share certain characteristics that make them, for me, guilty pleasures.

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Brexit: A setback in one of humankind’s most important projects

The Brexit vote has brought the Europe-scaled version of this civilization-wide challenge to such a fork in the road.

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Any self-respecting Supreme Court would have struck down the Texas abortion law

I was asked at year’s end for my predictions for the coming year. One prediction I made was that the Court would strike down the Texas abortion law.

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Did the spirit of Donald Trump help assassinate Jo Cox?

Who is responsible for the shooting of the British member of Parliament, Jo Cox, last week?

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Andy Schmookler: Trump and American foreign policy

Hillary Clinton’s critique focuses on “temperament.” This piece focuses on the combination of Donald Trump’s ignorance and boldness.

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Open primaries: A wrong idea

It is reported that one of the reforms that Bernie Sanders would like to see implemented in the Democratic Party is the idea of “open” primaries.

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Andy Schmookler: A Congress whose priority is the good of the nation

Although defeating Donald Trump is one essential goal for this fall’s campaign, that should be seen as one important means toward the ultimate goal.

Andy Schmookler: I was wrong about Trump

There’s been a change in how I see Donald Trump. A few months ago, I saw him as an accomplished actor, able to pick what role to play for the occasion.

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Andy Schmookler hosting politics Q and A

Author and activist Andy Schmookler is hosting an American politics Q & A session at 7 p.m. on Wednesday in Harrisonburg.

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Andy Schmookler: A win-win way for Bernie to lead now

Dear Bernie: There are some – such as you and some of your followers – who believe it is worthwhile for you to keep fighting Hillary for the nomination.

People who go for the Trump Hate Your Neighbor posture

Anyone who cares about the question “What would Jesus do?” should recognize the hostile stance being rewarded by Donald Trump’s supporters as un-Christian.

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Republican Party: No longer the party of law and order, limited government

Do you remember when the Republican Party was the “law and order” Party? Yet now we have the spectacle of the two leading contenders for the Republican nomination for President supporting the commission of crimes.

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Cry the benighted country: What’s gone wrong in America

“Make America great again,” Trump says. Not a bad idea, but first we need to understand what’s gone wrong.

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Andy Schmookler: Is Mark Obenshain Virginia’s Scott Walker?

Months ago, when I publicly characterized the Virginia state senator from my district as “the man who would be Virginia’s Scott Walker,” I had no idea that there was or would be any direct connection between those two politicians.

Andy Schmookler: Strike while The Donald is hot!

Today’s Republican Party is a disgrace like nothing ever seen before at center stage of American politics. From 2001 to 2009, it gave us the most lawless presidency in the history of the nation, and then from 2009 till now, it has given us the most obstructionist opposition party the nation has seen.

Andy Schmookler: What’s taking over America

If America is to be ruled by whoever commands the most money, it will be the corporate system, not individual billionaires, that calls the shots. This corporate system is more than the sum of individual corporations, or even of whole industries.

ALEC’s threatened SLAPP suit against the LCV: Another part of the assault on our democracy

Some thoughts about the press release that my wife, April Moore, put out earlier this week. In it, she challenged her opponent – Virginia State Senator (and apparent would-be-Virginia’s Scott Walker), Mark Obenshain – to condemn the suit threatened by corporate powerhouse ALEC against the League of Conservation Voters.