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Reminder: Charlottesville requires snow removed from sidewalks

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Charlottesville City Code requires that property owners remove snow from sidewalks within 24 hours of the end of snowfall.

Per City Code Section 28-25, it is the responsibility of owners/occupants of properties in the city which abut or front paved sidewalks to clear the sidewalk of snow, sleet and ice. The city has declared 12 p.m. on Monday to be the official end of snowfall. Snow must be removed from sidewalks by 12 p.m. on Tuesday.

The noontime allows for temperatures to rise and reduce safety risks due to ice, and will ensure city teams are able to move through not only primary but secondary streets.

Cleared sidewalks help ensure the safety of both pedestrians and motorists by giving those on foot a safe route to walk. Walking in the roadway is extremely dangerous. Clear the entire width of the sidewalk rather than a shovel width to allow strollers and wheelchairs a clear pathway.

Additionally, clear all of the sidewalks that touch your property in each direction, all the way to street in applicable directions. In cases of ice cover, please put down salt or sand to minimize slipping.

The City of Charlottesville reminds the community to be safe and healthy when shoveling snow and to assist neighbors who may have difficulty removing snow from their property.

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